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Yogis and Packing Guns

Recently I was having a conversation with a friend and fellow yogi when the topic turned towards guns. Not sure how that happened? My friend's father is a former vet and always carries a gun. I am okay with that, though it does freak me out when ever I see people with guns. I am from England and our gun laws are a little bit stricter! My friends father suggested to her to carry a 38 into the yoga studio, with my eyes popping out there eyeballs I must admit I never thought about people carrying a gun into a yoga studio. If you sit and really think about it, it seems kind of hypocritical. You go to yoga to feel secure in a sacred space so that you have the opportunity to grow in an environment that accepts you for all you are. Or am I wrong? with all the troops starting to come home from two wars its inevitable that someone walking into a yoga studio is going to be packing a gun especially with all the press about how yoga helps PSTD, yes it does by the way! But still I am not comfortable with the idea of any sort of weapon used for violence coming into a space that fills me with peace and love. 

In a modern world where violence is all around us is there a space for no guns in a place that keeps us sane(me anyway) that harmony and kindness rule sublime or is that now just a distance past long gone? If we cannot hold one space without a gun what does that say about our future.

How do feel someone coming into your yoga studio with any sort of gun? great discussion with the Bhagavad Gita. 


By Sharon Page All Rights Reserved @2014

sharon page

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