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Call of the Wild

Call of the Wild

It started over three years ago in my 200 hour yoga certification class. My Yoga Teacher asked us what we wanted from being a Yoga Teacher. I pondered that question and the following month I set an intention of what I wanted. It was to start a yoga online store and so in front of all my fellow yogis in our group I set my intention. Soon, however life gets back in the flow and you get busy and intentions are forgotten, or so you think? I have realized that when you set an intention the universe listens and slowly she weaves her web to allow your original intention to evolve. As with me I was in a comfortable job, nice home, great friends and lived in a cool mountain town but something was churning, I was restless and could not understand why? I was not happy with the status quo.

I had applied for Design school in Prescott, AZ and due to the recession my course got cancelled and so I went about again wondering if this was it for me when I heard that the Design school had started a new course in Sustainable Design for a semester. I signed up with no intention of attending but the web of the universe starts to unfold, in January of 2013 twenty percentage of the company I was with lost their jobs and the next few months would bring more layoffs and people abandoning ship to go elsewhere. I knew this was a sign that the universe was telling me it was time for the next part of my journey. But I was freaked out and scared, I am a past forty year old woman who when I take a look around at friends and colleagues of my age are settled in a career, married or divorced and have a comfortable life, they know where they are.

Finally in August of this year after much debate with my head of course I quit my job rather than get layed off and took a leap of faith into the unknown. I packed up my stuff, said goodbye to dear friends and trucked out to Prescott, AZ to start school in a course on Design. My friends have showed nothing but support and love and the weird thing is after I made this leap of faith I was not longer afraid of what happens next. Now I understood why I needed to let go of everything that was dear to me, it was also holding me back and keeping me in a safe place but growth is always on the edge, being in the unknown is where our greatest potential lies but it is also the scariest and the most risk. This however as led me to take another step and go forward to my original intention to have a yoga retail and online store. I found my niche and have been busy building a brand and online store and searching for my little space where everyone is welcome and that through this simple practice of yoga and breathe you to will find something of inspiration.

I want to thank everyone that as supported through these years, to all my friends far and wide thank you for your kindness and ever loving support. I hope you find the time to visit and support our little community to that we can reach out and help those in need, Namaste.

By Sharon Page All Rights Reserved 2013@

sharon page

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