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Poses that Ground

Poses that Ground

Warrior 1 at Mukha Yoga

Being grounded… Feet on the ground, drawing in solid energy from the earth, standing tall with integrity in your most solid expression.  Sounds delightful, doesn’t it? Feeling grounded is paramount to finding stability both on and off your yoga mat. However, how do feel grounded when life feels chaotic?  Below are sequences and poses to support groundedness and connect to yourself and the earth. 

 Half Sun Salutation A:

Starting in Tadasana (Extended Mountain Pose). Ground down into the four corners of your feet as you lift your arms to the sky. From your waist down feel connection and stability; from your waist up, find freedom and flexibility in your spine. Look up at your fingertips as you inhale, fold forward as you exhale.  Inhale to a half lift, and exhale again to forward fold. Inhale up to Mountain pose and repeat this Salutation 4-5 times. Feel into the connection of your feet to the earth. Notice the stability and strength of your legs. Repeat to yourself, “I am connected to the earth. I am grounded.”

 Downward Facing Dog:

Come into downward dog and ground down into your hands and feet.  Take 4-5 cycles of breath to arrive and make yourself “at home” in the pose.  Find gentle movements to awaken the backs of your legs then commit to stillness.  From this place of stillness, feel the earth underneath your hands and feet and draw from there a feeling of groundedness and stability. Stay here for another 4-5 cycles of breath.

 Warrior Two // Reverse Warrior (Dancing Warrior Sequence):

Begin in Warrior 2 with your right foot forward and both of your arms extended out from your torso. Reach forward with your right hand and back with your left.  Tap into the center of your body as you feel an equal and opposite sensation in your arms out to your fingertips.  Draw into your center, to your core, as you shine out and become big and bright. Reverse your warrior on an inhale keeping a deep bend in your right knee and exhale back into Warrior Two. Continue inhaling into Reverse Warrior and exhaling to Warrior Two. With each exhale, bend deeper into your front knee.  As you flow between these two postures, repeat to yourself , “I flow with grace and ease in the midst of chaos.  I am stable and connected to the earth throughout the dance of life.”

Mukha Yoga Blog   By Liz Erickson 

                         All Rights Reserved @2017

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