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  • Tree Pose: Form, Benefits, Modifications, and Safety

    diciembre 10, 2023 2 lectura mínima

    Tree Pose: Form, Benefits, Modifications, and Safety  

    Posted on- December 10th, 2023 - Tricia Louvar - Yoga

    Tree Pose Yoga

    The Tree pose is the ever-expansive asana to ground, lift, and sway as if to mimic a nearby ash, oak, pine, or maple in a slight breeze. 

    Tree Pose Form

    Start in Mountain pose with hands by your side to set the intention of firm feet with activated legs, glutes, and core. 

    Shift your weight to one side while lifting the right leg and pressing into the ground with the standing leg. 

    Place the right foot against the upper inner left thigh to create a triangular shape. (Never place the foot against the side of the knee.) Apply equal pressure between the right foot and left inner thigh for a sturdy brace. 

    Raise your hands in prayer to the heart center, and when ready, move the arms up and out to form a V shape.

    Hold for 15 seconds to 1 minute. Know that it’s okay not to be perfectly still while holding, but like a tree, allow your body to sway if needed, but keep your foot grounded and the right foot/inner thigh strong. If you drop, start over and try again.

    Try the pose on each side. Such an asana may expose your proprioception. More than likely, this pose will reveal your lateral imbalances. Please make a note of it with awareness. Target the weakness and work on it.




    The standing Tree pose requires concentration, balance, and grace. It strengthens your legs and the intrinsic foot muscles. With time and effort, you can hold the pose for longer. This pose is a good one to do any time of day you need a shot of mental clarity and spine realignment. For example, if you’re at an office workplace, this is a good standing pose to revisit.

    Modification and Safety

    Placing the right foot against the upper left thigh may pose a challenge. Start with placing the foot below the knee (remember, never put the foot on the side of the knee). Place the foot along the lower leg.

    Use balance support if needed. Start with one hand on the wall or chair back. As you become more comfortable and confident in your balance, move farther away from the aid.





    Meaning of Tree Pose

    Sanskrit: Vrikshasana वृक्षासन

    Pose: Balancing Asana

    Chakra: Root (Muladhara)

    Crystal: Clear Quartz

    Benefit: It can improve balance, stability, and strengthen your core


    Expert Thoughts

    Tricia Louvar began her yoga journey in Southern California about twenty years ago to cull a monkey mind and prepare to birth her kind and compassionate kids. She is a practicing Buddhist and yogi. She works as an independent writer, book editor, and visual artist and lives with her family along the Eastern Oregon Cascades Slopes and Foothills.


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