Get to Know Us

Who Are We?

Welcome to Mukha Yoga, located in Bend, Oregon. Our community is home to thirteen yoga studios, several mindfulness gurus, and many meditation teachers. We love living here because yoga makes our souls happy, and because Bend is only minutes away from some of the best outdoor recreation in the country.


We are so happy that you're here!

Our Mission

We started Mukha Yoga because we wanted to find the best yoga clothing and equipment out there. We personally handpick brands and products that we love and think you will love, too!

Our Merit

We are teachers and practitioners of yoga and meditation, and we want to share with you our community, our teachings, and all the good karma we can offer!

Our Promise

Mukha Yoga is committed to connecting people to yoga so that we can connect with each other, our community, and our earth to be in a place of balance and harmony. The practice of yoga is rich with the elements of nature, and Mukha Yoga's intention is to be a sustainable energy business that is dedicated to helping you!

Our Impact

For every purchase you make with Mukha Yoga, we contribute, on your behalf, a donation to One Tree Planted, a company dedicated to reforestation of areas devastated by wildfires and loss of wilderness areas due to deforestation.

We are also committed to reducing the amount of plastic that we use. The bags your items are shipped in are made from recyclable materials so that you can use them again. We also wrap your items in twine instead of plastic. We find it better for the environment and much more useful!

Experts (& their Favorite Yoga Poses)

Sharon Page

Founder & Freethinking Yogini

My favorite pose is the flying pigeon. When I get stuck, the flying pigeon takes me out of my comfort and into something new. It's so much fun, embraces the unknown, and welcomes us into falling and laughing.

Fae Leslie Hoffman

Executive Editor & Literary Fairy

Scissors! I love feeling strong as my body is supported by my hands, the practice of extending my legs in opposite directions, and the action of lengthening the spine and igniting the core. It's all the yoga juiciness in one pose!


Problem Solver & Moon Howler

Downward Dog (obviously)

About our Founder

In the year 2010, Sharon set an intention in her 200-hour yoga teacher certification course to create an online yoga community. She wanted to be able to handpick sustainable items to sell and also bring people together in various ways. Though the recession put her plans on hold, in August of 2013, she quit her job, packed her things, and moved to Arizona where she found a course on sustainable design. Sharon then moved back to Oregon and started building her online community and her brand, and she began to create a space where, through the simple practices of yoga and breath, everyone would be welcome.

Mukha Yoga is the result of a long, amazing journey. It is a dream becoming true.

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