Sharon Page is Mukha's fearless female founder. Sharon has over two decades of retail experience including backend computer programming with a passion for finding solutions. Her leadership motto is: Do Yoga, Save the Planet.

Hailing from England, Sharon’s global view has helped shape the company into a successful marketplace for all things sustainable in yoga clothing and gear. An avid kayaker, trekker, and yoga teacher, Sharon was at a loss for finding clothes that fit a woman’s shape. Mukha was born to help other folks find a freedom in their active clothing that works for all shapes.

Mukha curates, you cultivate.

Hannah Parks is Mukha’s Senior Editor, Chief Wordsmith, and in-house social worker. Hannah brings over a decade of yoga practice to share her words in stories about the many faceted ways yoga heals.

After Hannah discovered yoga helped manage her chronic pain, it changed her life! Her life motto is: Empower First, Then Ignite Change!

Hailing from Portland, Oregon, Hannah continues to be a traveler, a social justice warrior and a curious yogi.

Heidi Drake is Mukha’s Senior Writer, Editing Project Tackler, and House Aerial Flight Attendant. Yes, you read that correctly. Heidi founded her own studio in our neighboring resort town of Sunriver, Oregon, and continues to offer a variety of yoga teaching styles and techniques online and at her home studio.

Heidi’s life motto is: Sing like there’s nobody listening but the whole world is watching.

A native Oregonian, Heidi is a dog lover (shares her home with a pack of four!), is married to her best friend, Eric, and is busy raising two headstrong and amazing teenagers.


Contributing Writers

Julie Bertagna is a 500 RYT and certified Baptiste yoga teacher who teaches Baptiste power yoga and recovery yoga at Namaspa Yoga & Massage, as well as in her home studio, The Yoga Loft, in Bend. She is a mother and a grandmother, she loves the outdoors, and she still pursues dental hygiene one day a week! In the summer, she spends time at her partner's retreat venue, Vernonia Springs, which puts on retreats and special events. More information about Julie’s offerings can be found on her website,   juliebertagnayoga.com

Zia Estrella is humbled to practice and study yoga since 2007, she lives in wholeness, giving full credit to each and every emotion she experiences while embracing the power of the now moment. Shifting her perspective to realize the eternal inner light within is herDharma. She got turned upsidedown on the True North path of yoga and she remembered her Prem - TruthLoveBeauty. This is her deepest source of empowerment, creativity, joy and peace.May she transform darkness into light through her own journey and serve all beings everywhere in truth, love and beauty. Learn more at www.ziayoga.io

Our Mission

We started Mukha Yoga because we wanted to find the best yoga clothing and equipment out there. We personally handpick brands and products that we love and think you will love, too!

Our Merit

We are teachers and practitioners of yoga and meditation, and we want to share with you our community, our teachings, and all the good karma we can offer!

Our Promise

Mukha Yoga is committed to connecting people to yoga so that we can connect with each other, our community, and our earth to be in a place of balance and harmony. The practice of yoga is rich with the elements of nature, and Mukha Yoga's intention is to be a sustainable energy business that is dedicated to helping you!

Our Impact

Along with the worldwide prAna community, we have joined the journey toward eliminating excess packaging waste from our supply chains in a responsible, long-lasting way. Together, let's #ReshapePackaging

And MORE people we appreciate:
Chris Cocciolo

CRM Strategist for NAVIS: Chris has been managing marketing for various premier digital brands for close to a decade with experience in almost every area of digital marketing. His strengths lie in helping brands optimize their digital campaigns to maximize revenue and achieve their desired ROI.He also works for Orange Chair Supply Co., a digital consulting firm helping local startups take their businesses to the next level as they navigate the world of 3P marketplaces like Amazon.com and eBay.com.


Nancy Lumpkin,RYT 500, Certified Baptiste Yoga Teacher & Former Co-owner of Namaspa Yoga

Nancy began her yoga experience in 1983 when she was diagnosed with a fast growing tumor and heard the word cancer. To help deal with the pain and stress of her treatments, she began exploring different types of yoga. Today, Nancy maintains her daily practice, brings her humor and experience to all the classes she teaches and inspires women to succeed!


Amy Doherty,Founder, Think Tanky Consulting and RYT500, certified vinyasa flow teacher. Specializing in communications and marketing for social impact companies while writing creatively, teaching yoga, running, being a mom to two sons, a best friend to her husband and loving her rescue pup, Nacho

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