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    Yoga Bolsters & Meditation Cushions Handmade in India

    Handmade Yoga Cushions & Bolsters

    Chattra's meditation cushions and bolsters feature beautiful embroidered designs that are hand-dyed and embroidered by a women's collective in India. Honoring the rich heritage of Indian textiles, they use the traditional and time-intensive methods to create these lasting and beautiful designs in an ethical manner.

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    How do you use yoga bolsters?

    The most common way to use a bolster is to lie on top of it. Place it under you in any way that feels sensational (try under your spine, higher up your back near the shoulderblades, lower underneath your sacrum or under your knees). Then let gravity relax your body and voila!

    Using it this way can open the chest, relax the lower back, create space in the hip flexors, or give your neck a break.