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Breathing Exercises on the Go

It is surely yogis’ best-shared secret that breathwork is key to being present and renewing vitality. The power of meditative breath is profound, as it can activate your parasympathetic nervous system to alleviate ailments caused by depression and chronic stress.

Agni, Your Digestive Fire

Ayurveda, the ancient Indian Vedic culture, regards the digestive system, agni, as the essence of health and well-being. Impaired agni, on the other hand, is at the root of imbalance and disease.

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The benefits of incorporating massage into your yoga practice are profound. Self-massage promotes circulation, stimulates your lymphatic system, and offers myofascial release. Fascia is the thin connective tissue that holds your organs, muscles,

The Fire of Tapas

Tapas, the Yama of self-discipline, is a commitment to making conscious choices in
thought, actions and words that lead you towards your truest self. The Yamas and the Niyamas are about developing the internal instead of the external.

What is Acro Yoga?

Confession time: I was one of those people who really didn’t give yoga a chance for a long time because I thought it was boring. Had I been introduced to more active and innovative styles like aerial and acro yoga earlier, my journey would have started much sooner!

Yoga Medicine for the Sacral Chakra

The sacral chakra is the second of seven chakras in the body and is located between the navel and the pubic bone. In Sanskrit, it is referred to as Svadhistana

Essential Oils for Calm

Among the countless benefits of essential oils, one of the most appealing attributes is the calming atmosphere they can create to inspire feelings of peace and harmony. The calming nature of Lavender and Vetiver essential oils are great go-to’s for easing feelings of tension and promoting soothing, positive feelings.

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