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Mindfulness Over Matter: Breathing Through Extreme Temperature

I’ve always found it fascinating the way my mood, habits, eating patterns and preferences totally transform based on my body temperature. I can only speak for myself, but an ice cream in December just doesn’t sparkle the same way it does in July.

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Meditating with the Noting Technique

If you notice yourself operating in a mindless state, there’s a specific meditation technique that can make a big impact on bringing back your awareness - the noting technique.

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5 Yoga Poses for Good Posture

No matter what your job or day-to-day routine looks like, we can all stand to benefit from better posture. Through practicing certain asanas, your yoga practice can help you correct pain caused by imbalances and form better postural habits.

Fun Grounding Exercises for Kids

How do we get more kids out of their heads, phones, headphones, and into the now? Here are a few sensory exercises to help your kids feel more grounded so they can face their day with confidence.

Yoga Medicine for PMS & Cramps

Females often experience light to debilitating episodes with PMS, cramping, and bleeding patterns. Here are a few suggestions to implement yoga medicine for PMS and cramps.

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Balancing Your Pitta Dosha

Have you ever had the feeling of “burning the candle at both ends”? This idiom does well to explain the sensation of being “burnt out.” In Ayurvedic medicine, this feeling of being overworked and overheated can be understood as an excess of Pitta dosha.  

Intuitive Eating 101

“Intuitive eating” takes the overthinking out of eating. It’s a simple nutrition philosophy: eat when you’re hungry and stop when you’re full — this may be harder than it sounds.  

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Music Beat

Your yoga practice doesn’t have to be a super choreographed routine (unless you want it to be).

As autumn chills the air, all of nature instinctively begins to draw inward for the harvest.

Some of the most powerful poses in the world of yoga take place while lying on one’s back.

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