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    Food, Soul & Source

    Often we think of nourishment only when we feel a cravng or are hungry. Nourishment, besides the physcial, is also about looking at what fuels and inspires us. In Yoga, we are informed by the Yamas & Niyamas.

    Learn about Ayurveda, the doshas, nutrition and more through our recipes and lifestyle guides. Nourish the things that keep our souls happy.

    Four Ayurvedic Spices for Your Diet

    Sound Healing with Singing Bowls

    Have you ever walked into a room and perceived a scent that immediately made you feel happy or relaxed? Are there any scents that you relate to clear yet distant memories? I daresay that you’ll answer yes.

    Unlike conventional diets, intermittent fasting doesn’t restrict what you eat, but rather when you eat. During intermittent fasting, you only eat in a specific time frame and fast for the rest of that period

    As many of us turn away from Big Pharma and Western medicine’s affinity for prescription drugs to treat muscle and joint pain, as well as psychological ailments,it’s


    What is Ayurveda - Mukha Yoga

    What is Ayurveda?

    While it’s impossible to boil down 5,000 years of teachings into a single article, the good news is you don’t need to know everything to welcome Ayurveda into your life and benefit from its practices. Often regarded as the first system of medicine ever

    If 2020 has taught us anything, hopefully it’s to appreciate simplicity and look to more holistic and sustainable methods of staying healthy. Once the dust settled a bit this past summer and I

    When Kat Gregory, E-RYT and Ayurvedic Health and Wellness Coach, offered to lead seasonal Ayurvedic cleanses at Downward Dog Yoga & Wellness Studio, I imagined a strict diet of juice and maybe some celery.

    After nine days of avoiding meat, eggs, dairy, sugar, alcohol, food out of season, and “unclean” hygiene products, I was curious to find out how adding them all back would feel. I looked forward to eating with my family 

    3 Essential Oils to Lift Your Spirits

    Healthy Spiced Snowball Cookies


    Also referred to as “functional mushrooms”, adaptogenic mushrooms are now commonplace in the supplement space. Available in powders, capsules and even coffee, mushroom products are easy to come by in most

    Not everyone likes or wants the buzzy effects of black tea. For those seeking a natural energizing tea experience minus the caffeine jitters, here are some options.

    Are you looking for something that can help activate mental energy and promote clarity other than stimulants such as coffee? Essential oils can invigorate your senses, give you energy, and make

    What is Ayurveda - Mukha Yoga

    Legend of the Four Thieves: An Essential Oil Story

    As the story goes, a group of thieves snuck into the homes of defenseless victims of the Black Death - all while retaining immunity and never falling sick themselves. As their crimes grew, so did their infamy as everyone wondered how these thieves protected

    What is Ayurveda - Mukha Yoga

    Golden Turmeric Lentil Soup

    As the story goes, a group of thieves snuck into the homes of defenseless victims of the Black Death - all while retaining immunity and never falling sick themselves. As their crimes grew, so did their infamy as everyone wondered how these thieves protected

    Post-Yoga Vegan Protein Smoothie

    Gluten Free Caprese Pasta Recipe

    If 20What better way to celebrate the great outdoors than a picnic! While we do love a BBQ, there’s something so simple and delightful about a good old fashioned picnic lunch. Leave the grill and cooking supplies at home, with this healthy and

    Well-regulated levels of inflammation are key to good health. There are many systems in place within the body that regulate inflammation levels. For example, when we undergo acute bouts of intense exercise, we trigger a 

    Ayurveda, the ancient Indian Vedic culture, regards the digestive system, agni, as the essence of health and well-being. Impaired agni, on the other hand, is at the

    What is Ayurveda - Mukha Yoga

    Yoga Nidra - the Yoga of Sleep

    Yoga nidra, or the yoga of sleep, is gaining attention and not without good reason. I consider yoga nidra to be nothing short of a requirement in today’s world. Yoga nidra is the antidote to the common western way of living: the going, achieving, grasping, getting, doing, moving, technology-filled way of living.

    Slow-Cooked Apple Quinoa Porridge

    Vegan Enchilada Casserole

    During one of the most pivotal periods of my adolescence, my teeth totally turned on me. It turns out, my mouth is too small to support 32 tusks. As a result, two of my adult teeth came to a dead halt during their descent.

    Bhakti is the yoga of love and devotion, and it is based on the belief that “love is God and God is love.” It is an intense love for God (the divine) and a yearning to experience love in is highest form, as often as possible. Bhakti yoga is also the

    Okay then, now that we’ve got that sorted, let’s talk about what you should eat and drink prior to class to fuel your flow. The primary macronutrients to focus on consuming are carbohydrates and protein -

    What is Ayurveda - Mukha Yoga

    Brahmacharya: Directing your Energy

    Brahmacharya deals directly with sexual energy and external desires and invites you to elevate all of your relationships—especially the one with yourself—to the status of the divine. It literally means “moving with Brahma (another word for God)


    Vegan BBQ Pulled Jackfruit Sandwiches

    Parents hold a secret to getting kids to eat--cut food into small shapes and place those shapes into other forms. Think of this maneuver as a culinary version of the Melissa & Doug classic shape sorting cube. The bento box 

    Since the Middle Ages, the Clary Sage plant, Bergamot, Chamomile, and Ylang Ylang flowers have been used for their ability to uplift mood while also offering a calming effect.

    As more disturbing news about our healthcare industry and big pharmaceutical companies develops, my commitment to living a more natural lifestyle solidifies. I truly believe that everything we humans

    What is Ayurveda - Mukha Yoga

    Nourish your Skin

    Your skin is your body’s largest organ, protecting your internal organs from the toxins of the outside world. Providing it with enough water to flush out those toxins is key to its health.The National Academy of Medicine recommends that adults drink 91-125 ounces

    All About Malas

    Korean Ginger Bowl

    Many essential oils have been touted for their ability to reduce anxious feelings and promote a greater sense of peace and relaxation. The grounding effects of essential oils make them ideal for alleviating anxious feelings,

    Yoga is a repetitive practice. Days flow into years, years into decades. One of the major practices of yoga is “showing up.” Simply showing up, day after day, week after week, like brushing your teeth and washing your hair,

    During a pit stop at my favorite local dispensary, I inquired about the best edible for good, steady sleep. With menopausal symptoms waking me up frequently, getting back to a peaceful slumber after a major hot flash

    What is Ayurveda - Mukha Yoga

    How to Change your Focus for More Successful Manifesting

    The person who has just begun to practice the law of attraction may find that he or she attracts the very thing that person wanted to avoid. Job losses, poverty, ill health, a spoiled relationship, and other negative events often manifest,

    Chai Spice Sugar Cookies

    How to Hydrate with Purpose

    Grounding essential oils include any aromas reminiscent of nature: wood, tree leaves or resins. Inhaling the following scents helps center your mind when you’re stressed, overwhelmed or under pressure:

    Eating is a primal necessity everyone has a right to. But for many folks, food is not just food. Unless you live with food insecurity or live in a food desert, the simple act of eating has become so laced with attitudes, judgments,

    The fall crisp in the air means it’s time to bring out chunky sweaters, warming drinks, and spicy scents that seem so right for Autumn. When colorful leaves litter the ground and crunch delightfully beneath our feet, 

    What is Ayurveda - Mukha Yoga

    Relapse Prevention

    From a yogic perspective, there is the belief that our life experiences, both positive and negative, are logged into the tissues of the body. Our experiences create patterns or grooves called Samskaras, which are embedded not only in our bodies, but in our psyche as well.

    Our Bodies and Types of THC

    My Journey with an Ayurvedic Cleanse - Active Cleanse

    Elongate the Spine with Sushumna

    Gratitude Practices for a Grateful Heart

    Essential Oils

    5 Benefits of Deep Breathing

    Vegan Rice Paper Spring Roll

    Essential Oils for Getting Better Sleep

    Creating Your Own Soothing Tea Blends

    Indonesian Sesame Slaw

    Valentine's Day Chocolate Peanut Butter Fat Bombs (sugar free, low carb, vegan, GF)

    How to Respect & Protect your Boundaries in the New Year

    Autumn Delight - An Essential Oil Blend

    Winter Sport Injury Prevention

    Carrier Oils: Types & Benefits

    Essential Oils for Romance & Sensuality

    Essential Oils to Give you Courage

    Yoga & Injuries (knees)

    Yoga & Injuries (arms + shoulders)

    Listening to your Body

    Types of Breathwork

    Yoga, Healing & Recovery