My Journey with an Ayurvedic Cleanse - Back to Reality

October 08, 2019

Week Three: Back to Reality (for week one of the cleanse - Prep Week, click here; for week two - Active Cleanse, click here)

After nine days of avoiding meat, eggs, dairy, sugar, alcohol, food out of season, and “unclean” hygiene products, I was curious to find out how adding them all back would feel. I looked forward to eating with my family again but also feared that I wouldn’t continue to feel as good as I did during the active cleanse.

My Journey win an Ayurvedic Cleanse - Back to Reality l Mukha Yoga

I started with eggs, having missed them for breakfast and feeling like I needed the protein. Basmati rice fried in coconut oil with a couple of eggs and green onions never tasted so delicious!

Each day, I added one more food item back to my diet. One big difference, though: I was satisfied with less milk and meat, and my sugar cravings were not as intense. I also took time to read labels as I grocery shopped, and I researched the latest studies on food, particularlyrefined sugars vs. unrefined sugars. With all the “special” sweeteners and items like agave, honey, and coconut sugar being prominently featured in the health food section of my favorite store, I was shocked to learn that all sugars are pretty much equal and the body processes them the same way. Too much of any type isn’t great for us. I personally prefer the flavor of coconut sugar or honey to white sugar, but no longer substitute them for misguided health reasons.

Another permanent change I welcomed was natural hygiene products - why would I go back to using chemical and artificial flavor-laden items when these worked wonderfully? Prior to the cleanse, I had switched to a natural deodorant (the jury appears to still be out regarding the effects of aluminum in antiperspirants, but I figure sweating a bit is natural and probably better for me). I got used to my shampoo being less foamy and my charcoal peppermint coconut oil toothpaste was yummy and didn't show up on my clothes when I got messy (I wear a lot of black).

Experiencing food as fuel is amazing and humbling. When what we eat comes from nature and not from a factory, we thrive. An Ayurvedic cleanse can be just what you need to tune in and tune up the wonderful body you live in.

Heidi Drake l Mukha YogaBy Heidi Drake; All Rights Reserved @2019

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