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    Strong & Everyday Yoga Mats

    Makers of the B Yoga Mat

    B Yoga began when Canadian founder Andrea Morris searched for the perfect yoga mat that would offer the needed cushion and stickiness for a non-slip practice. In her home garage, Morris developed prototype after prototype until she found a solution: a form of rubber originally used for carpets that is sustainable and durable.

    Today, B Yoga is recognized as one of the top yoga mat brands in North America.
    Both the Strong (6mm) and Everyday (4mm) yoga mats are used at many Yoga and Barre studios, treasured for their long-lasting and sticky properties.

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    Is There a Smell to B Mats?

    B Yoga does not use harsh chemicals, finishes, or sealants on their mats. Any smell from B Mats is going to be the scent of natural rubber which is inherent to the material used to make the mat. The scent diminishes over time.

    B Yoga FAQ

    What are B Yoga Mats made of?

    B MAT's are made of 100% rubber making it ideal for a hot yoga practice

    B Yoga

    B Yoga was founded by Andrea Morris, who's love of yoga started while doing a Master's Degree in Sydney, Australia. After returning home, she began working at her family’s fifth-generation manufacturing and technology company, where she discovered an innovative type of rubber nad began working with many different versions before the final product the B Mat came to market. Since those early days B Yoga has grown into a top yoga brand know in Canada and the USA with their popular yoga mats the Strong and Everyday mats. Besides yoga mats B Yoga and grown into blocks, meditation cushions and straps for an all round yoga company. Today's products reflect their goal to produce beautiful and functional products suitable for modern-day needs that are both ideal for the in-studio or home yoga practice.