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    Tested by Yogis for Yogis

    Top 5 Yoga Mats of 2022

    There are so many amazing yoga mats on the market. While having choices is important - it may also feel overwhelming.

    So, we tested the top-selling mats for you!

    Questions to consider as you search for your perfect mat

    Are there different mats for different styles of yoga?

    What kind of yoga do you practice?

    If you practice Yin Yoga, then cushion may be the most important factor for you. We recommend 4mm or more for any type of restorative yoga. Or you can stack a blanket over your mat.

    For Hot Yoga or power flow classes, traction might be the most important thing, so you'll look for mats that are resistant to slippage even when wet. Think cork or rubber especially.

    What kind of yoga mat should I get if I travel?

    Where will you be practicing yoga?

    If you are planning on transporting your mat, a lightweight mat may be a priority (1.5mm-3mm are commonly selected by those who travel).

    If you are planning on practicing outdoors, you may want a closed cell construction or a mat made from cork for a hygenic practice.

    Are there yoga mats for tall yogis?

    Yes, there are yoga mats designed specifically for taller yogis. If you are taller than 6', you are going to want to select the longer mat option.

    Here are our top five yoga mat picks of 2022:

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    5) Tapas Original Mat by Hugger Mugger

    The Hugger Mugger Original Tapas Yoga mat is one of our best sellers! With 3mm thickness and super sticky feel (and a great price), you will have no problem staying in your favorite arm balance. Developed over twenty years ago, the Tapas Hugger Mugger mat was the OG mat designed specifically for yoga.

    Also availalbe in Long for the tall yogi.

    4) X Yoga Mat by Manduka

    Designed with the multi-sport athlete in mind, the X Yoga Mat by Manduka provides comfort with its 5mm thickness that pads your joints while also being lightweight enough to carry with you to the gym, field or beyond.

    The closed-cell construction doesn't absorb moisture for a hygienic and easy-to-clean experience. Perfect for those planning to take their workout sessions outside.

    We love this more affortable version of the classic PROlite mat by Manduka.

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    3) Harmony Mat by Jade Yoga

    Jade Yoga's classic Harmony Yoga Mat offers exceptional traction with an open cell rubber grip so that it is slip-free even when wet. The 5mm of cushion makes this mat a great option for those yogis who practice more than one style of yoga. If you want a solid grip for your power flow as well as having luxurious cushion for your yin practice, this may be the mat for you.

    Another reason we love this mat is that it is eco-friendly and biodegradable. It's free of PVCs and other ozone-depleting substances and is made from natural rubber that is sustainable and comes from a renewable source.

    Also available in Long for the tall yogi and in a foldable 1.5mm for the traveling yogi.

    2) Strong Mat 6mm by B Yoga

    The B Yoga Strong Mat is designed for the everyday yogi who is looking for portable cushion and superior grip. The durable high-quality rubber mat is designed to withstand daily use, heat, and sweat.

    From your heat-building vinyasa flows to your alignement-focused hatha practice, this mat will become your favorite go-to for any activity, heated or cooled, fast or slow.

    This mat is 71" long, perfect for the taller yogi.

    Looking for something lighter? 4mm and 2mm are also available.

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    Editor's Pick Yoga Mat

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    1) eKO Lite 4MM Yoga Mat by Manduka

    For those of you looking for a mat with a superior grip and lighter weight, the Manduka eKO Lite Mat is the mat for you. This lighter and biodegradable version of the cult classic Pro Mat by Manduka is designed for both intense yoga flows and gentle healing classes.

    Made from biodegradable, non-Amazon harvested natural tree rubber for a mat that is good for your practice and the earth. The rubber offers a sticky feel that will last years. Plus, it is velvety-soft to the touch for a luxurious feel that we just love!

    The eKO mat is also available in 5mm (for those looking for extra cushion) and a foldable 1.5mm (for the traveler).

    Still not sure which yoga mat is for you?