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    Elevate your Practice with the Right Tools

    Halfmoon handmade in Canada, inspired by yoga

    In 1989, founder Beth McTavish united her love for the focus and stillness of yoga with her experience in making and manufacturing. She made a yoga strap out of a seat belt and bolsters out of rolls of cotton batting. From there, Halfmoon Yoga was born!

    Halfmoon is inspired by the values of yoga: nonviolence, truthfulness, abstention from wrongdoing, compassion, and kindness. Halfmoon believes that props are for everyone and it carries products that will meet you exactly where you are in your yoga journey.

    Halfmoon's products are handmade in Burnaby, Canada.

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    What are Halfmoon Bolsters made of?

    Nature-inspired quality and yogic values are at the heart of Halfmoon yoga products. Halfmoon uses organic cotton or linen for their cushion covers with a buckwheat core that is ideal for a Yin or Restorative Yoga practices. By using sustainable and biodegradable materials, Halfmoon handcrafts gear that is good for you and the Earth.