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Yoga Bolsters & Cushions

Best Yoga Bolsters

Having a supportive Yin and Restoravtie yoga practice starts with good quailty props. There are a varity of different types of bolsters and Zafus you can choose from so start with what you need for your practice and what will help in supporting your practice.

Halfmoon Rectangular Bolster

Halfmoon's Rectangular Bolster is large enough to support your entire upper body (<6ft) in any restorative pose.

Zafuko Standard Meditation Cushion

The Zafuko Standard Meditation Cushion is handmade in Thailand with 100% organic silk cotton from the kapok tree. This makes the cushion soft

Hugger Mugger Standard Printed Bolster

The Hugger Mugger Standard Printed Bolsters are handmade in the USA with a foam core and cotton filling that make them one of the firmest

Balance l Mukha Yoga
Fusion l Mukha Yoga

How to Clean a Yoga Bolster

When you are buying a yoga bolster you want to make sure that there is an inner core and an outer cover with a zipper. The inner core of the bolster is not washable, however the outer cover you can wash in a cold wash or hand wash and is recommended to air dry as most outer covers made with organic cotton or linen. As always read the instructions on the bolster.