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Yoloha Yoga Mats & Props

Making Sustainable Cork Yoga Props

Yoloha Cork & Plant-Based Yoga Mats

Non-toxic and eco-friendly plant-foam backing provides enough cushion for comfort without affecting the feeling of connection to the earth. Yoloha mats are super sticky, developing an even better grip when wet, making them great for your hot yoga practice.

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Fusion l Mukha Yoga

How To Clean a Yoloha Yoga Mat

To clean a cork yoga mat, use cold water on a soft cloth. You can also use Yoloha's Mat Cleaner that is made for cork yoga mats. It comes scented or unscented. Avoid using chemicals as this can damage the cork mat.

Read our guide, How to Clean Your Yoga Mat, to learn how to care for your mat whether it be made from rubber, cork, or other.