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Essential Oils at Mukha Yoga

Using Essential Oils For Yoga

Perhaps you’ve noticed essential oils making cameo appearances in your yoga classes. Yoga teachers are acknowledging the benefits of and sharing oils
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How to Light the Fire in your Vinyasa Flow

How to Light the Fire in your Vinyasa Flow

That heat, that heart-filled, soul-catching, delicious, sparkly fire begins with breath.The ujjayi Darth Vader whisper ocean breath
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Mountain Pose l Mukha  Yoga

Poses and breathwork to change your emotional state

Over the holidays I found myself stealing away to take child’s pose. I excused myself to my bedroom, rolled out my yoga mat, and came into child’s pose
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Ahhh Yoga Nidra

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Create a Vision Board

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Mukha Yoga's New Brand OHMME

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Elephant Reversible Yoga Mat
Hugger Mugger Tapas Ultra Yoga Mat
Tapas Ultra Yoga Mat
Boho Teal
Silk Eye Pillow - Bead Filling
Eco Bamboo Yoga Towel
$31.00 $39.50
Black Port
eKo Lite Yoga Mat
Foam 4" Yoga Block


Adho Mukha

Adho Mukha in Sanskrit means "Facing", Our name Mukha Yoga came about because in our life's we are all on a journey of some kind and as we stand to look and face them we are reminded through yoga to breathe and flow

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