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  • Balance in Yoga is not just a physical experaince but also a manifestation off our yoga mat to lead an authentic life in a modern world. Balance poses in yoga offer a space for us to practice responding to difficulties with grace. Finding equanimity in these difficult poses allows us to build strength to better face our daily challenges.

    The yoga yamas and niyamas also can instruct us on living life intentionally with peace.

    Check out our yoga-inspired articles on approaching life with balance.

    The Science of Creating Habits

    Eight Limbs of Yoga

    4 Grounding Facial Self-Massage

    Balance l Mukha Yoga
    Fusion l Mukha Yoga

    8 Journal Prompts & A Guided Meditation

    I used to dread it every year. That moment during Thanksgiving dinner when someone inevitably suggests that we go around the table and say what we’re grateful for. While my heart was always in the right place, my words seemed to fail me. I would do my best to come up with something nice to say about

    This agreement is powerful and one of the most difficult to honor. Through your word, you manifest everything. It’s a force by which we communicate what we think, how we feel and what our dreams are.

    Heat is transformative. Capable of changing everything in the blink of an eye, fire is ultimately a neutral element detached from any desired outcome or expectation. Fire consumes because to burn is fire’s 

    When I first encountered the concept of aparigraha, I mistook it for apathy. Aparigraha is the 5th yama in the Yoga Sutras of Patanjali. The sutra reads: aparigrahasthairye janma kathanta sambodhah 

    Balance l Mukha Yoga
    Fusion l Mukha Yoga

    Introduction to Doshas

    In Ayurvedic medicine, an alternative health system originating from India, doshas are universal energy elements that govern the physiological and psychological functions of the human body. Doshas include three elemental energies

    Understanding Dhyana

    With a Guided Meditation

    Decluttering our Lives

    With a Guided Meditation

    The Awakened Heart

    With a Guided Meditation

    Creating a habit can sometimes feel very challenging—but it doesn't have to be. The trick is to help train your mind into getting used to your new daily yoga habit. Most of what we do is part of an established routine.

    Everything is energy. This energy cannot be created nor destroyed; it can only be transmuted from one form into another. Ultimately, energy can only do two things: expand or contract. High frequency vibrations expand energy,

    The Niyamas are yoga practices that bring us in alignment with our highest selves. They are guidelines, along with the Yamas on the Eight-Fold path of yoga, that show us the way to experience our humanity as spiritual beings.

    Balance l Mukha Yoga
    Fusion l Mukha Yoga

    The Power of Thought

    Our human reality operates entirely through thought. Everything we feel is a result of our thinking. If we feel anxious, it’s because we are experiencing anxious thinking. If we feel happy,

    Sub Ek: We Are All One

    Guided Meditation

    8 Ways to Embrace the Winter Solstice

    Guided Meditation

    Reflecting on The Four Agreements

    Guided Meditation

    With the uncertainty of COVID-19, social injustice, and economic insecurity turning our world upside down, we are being called to take a look at how we have been living and what we are putting forth into our society.

    Integrity is the condition of being whole and undivided. It is a felt sense of completeness, inner stillness, and quietude. A couple of years ago, I started a practice of 100% no lying, also known as satya.

    It’s challenging enough being in a yoga class and wondering what the teacher is doing, let alone understanding what they’re saying in Sanskrit...Adhomukha-huh? Chata-what? I present, The Beginners Guide to Sanskrit.

    Self- Discovery

    Fusion l Mukha Yoga

    Journaling for Self-Discovery with a meditation

    When we apply for a job, go on a date or meet a new friend, it’s expected that we’ll be asked a series of questions to give the other party some insight into who we are and what we value. What’s less standard is asking the same series of questions to ourselves.

    Satya: Trusting in Truth

    Using Yoga to Change your Emotional State

    How Yoga Cultivates Self-Love

    Guided Meditation

    “Home” can spawn a soliloquy about what is important—is it the people, a feeling, a physical location, or possessions that represent personal history, cultural memory, nostalgia, or even hoarding disorder. Wherever your

    Gratitude is not just something that the world tells you to feel after the pumpkins are carved. It is an obligation to yourself, an obligation to respond to life around you. It is an answer to change, a bow to the beauty around you

    Tapas, the Yama of self-discipline, is a commitment to making conscious choices in thought, actions and words that lead you towards your truest self. The Yamas and the Niyamas are
    Balance l Mukha Yoga
    Fusion l Mukha Yoga

    Preventing Holiday Imbalance

    When we apply for a job, go on a date or meet a new friend, it’s expected that we’ll be asked a series of questions to give the other party some insight into who we are and what we value. What’s less standard is asking the same series of questions to ourselves.

    What is Dharma?

    With a Guided Meditation

    Holiday Season Self-Love & Mindfulness

    With a Guided Meditation

    Balancing Your Kapha Dosha


    Are you a current student of yoga? How do you connect with your teacher? Do you feel comfortable giving your teacher feedback and asking your teacher questions? Do you feel “seen” by your teacher? Ask yourself these

    The first agreement from The Four Agreements by Don Miguel Ruiz is being impeccable with your word. It is the most important one and often the most difficult to honor. Words matter

    Many people consider yoga to mean nothing more than deep stretches that improve flexibility. However, these poses are merely one of the eight aspects of a yogic lifestyle and embracing the other seven limbs
    Balance l Mukha Yoga
    Fusion l Mukha Yoga

    Rhythms, Seasons, & Cycles

    As autumn chills the air, all of nature instinctively begins to draw inward for the harvest. If you’re anything like us Central Oregon denizens, you’ve been playing outdoors all summer on some kind of adventure.

    How Unresolved Emotions Can Make Us Sick

    With a Guided Meditation


    Editors Pick

    The Jewel of Surrender

    With a Guided Meditation

    This quote changed the way I think about human qualities. Once I figured out that perfection was based on outside factors, everything made sense

    Happy New Year! Have you made your resolutions and set your goals? More importantly, what do your resolutions and goals “feel” like? Do they feel like mountains ahead of you? What is the energy of your resolutions

    With everything that is happening in our world right now, considering that we have a roof over our head, food and heat, it seems natural to say,

    Peace of mind is often elusive during the busy winter holiday season, and it’s during these times of excess activity and stress that we need to be even more mindful about taking time to decompress and just be.

    The chakras are seven key points in the subtle body that can be described as energy centers and vehicles of consciousness. According to yogic tradition, the subtle body is the part of you that you can't see or touch.

    The case of the winter blues often means symptoms of prolonged stress and fatigue and for millions of adults in America, the winter blues can be clinically severe. Seasonal Affective Disorder (SAD) is a form of

    Balance l Mukha Yoga
    Fusion l Mukha Yoga

    Yoga of Relationships

    Learning to pause is the first step toward transformation and healing in relationships. When triggered, we can take a deep breath before jumping to blaming, withdrawing, obsessing, or distracting ourselves. In the space a pause creates, our natural awareness can arise, allowing us to be mindful and to recognize what is happening inside us without


    Why Yoga is Good for Men

    Thanksgiving: A Lifestyle, Not Just a Holiday

    With a Guided Meditation

    We repeat Namaste to one another time and time again in our yoga classes, but have you ever wondered what Namaste means? The Merriam-Webster Dictionary definition is: “I bow to you - used as a

    What is our purpose in life? Why are we here? Isn’t that one of the biggest questions we all ask about at some point? How do we know? Where do we find it? I remember asking those questions over and over th

    The Vata dosha, the combination of air and water elements, tends to be thin, creative, and energetic. Of the three dosha constitutions—Vata, Pitta, and Kapha—the Vatas can become a creaky jointed, itchy,

    Communcating Compassionately

    Asteya: Non-stealing

    Grounding in Autumn

    Yoga Exercises for Stronger Legs

    Shifting Your Inner Narrative | with a guided meditation

    Cultivating Gratitude |
    with guided meditations


    Holding Emotions in the Hips

    Anxiety in Perimenopause