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Balance Articles

Balance Articles

What is Dharma? | with a guided meditation

The Science of Creating (and Keeping) Habits

Reflecting on the Four Agreements | with a guided meditation

Journal Prompts for Gratitude

Introduction to Doshas

Be Impeccable with Your Words

5 Steps to Creating a Daily Yoga Habit

The Importance of Self-Compassion | with a
guided meditation

The Jewel of Surrender | with a
guided meditation

12 Yoga Tips for the Winter Blues

Communcating Compassionately

Integrity & Accountability

Asteya: Non-stealing

Rhythms, Seasons, & Cycles

The Power of Thought

Perfection vs. Self-Improvement

Tapah: the Fire of Renewal

Grounding in Autumn

Detoxify your Body with Twists


The First Limb of Yoga: Patanjali's 5 Yamas

The Eight Limbs of Yoga Explained

Understanding Dhyana | with a guided meditation

Sub Ek: We Are All One | with a guided meditation

Balancing Your Kapha Dosha

8 Ways to Embrace the Winter Solstice | with a guided meditation

Thanksgiving: A Lifestyle, Not Just a Holiday

Journaling Prompts for Self-Discovery

Why I Say Namaste

The Awakened Heart | with a guided meditation

Intention Setting Ceremony
for the New Year

Clarifying Purpose

Svadhaya: The Beauty of Self-Inquiry

Aparigraha: Non-Grasping

Satya: Trusting in Truth

Yoga of Relationships

Guide Me, Niyamas

The Chakras

Gratitude in Two Steps

Using Yoga to Change your Emotional State

Sanskrit 101

Yoga Exercises for Stronger Legs

How Yoga Helps Cultivate Self-Love

How Unresolved Emotions Can Make Us Sick | with a guided meditation

Holiday Season Self-Love & Mindfulness | with a guided meditation

Balancing your Vata Dosha

Shifting Your Inner Narrative | with a guided meditation

Spring Cleaning Old Energy from Your
Body & Home

Cultivating Gratitude |
with guided meditations

Saucha: Decluttering Our Lives

The Fire of Tapas

The Poison of Gossip

Preventing Holiday Imbalance

Mindful Tips for Thanksgiving

Your Aura


Student + Teacher = Union


How to Create Intentions for Success

Holding Emotions in the Hips

Anxiety in Perimenopause

Why Yoga is Good for Men

Ask Mukha Yoga

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