Balance Articles

Integrity & Accountability

Essential Oils to Stimulate the Senses

Asteya: Non-stealing

Rhythms, Seasons, & Cycles

Our Bodies and CBD

The Power of Thought

Perfection vs. Self-Improvement

Tapah: the Fire of Renewal

Grounding in Autumn

Detoxify your Body with Twists


The First Limb of Yoga: Patanjali's 5 Yamas

Aparigraha: Non-Grasping

Satya: Trusting in Truth

Get Better Sleep with this Essential Oil Blend

How to Hydrate with Purpose

Autumn Delight - an Essential Oil Blend

Yoga of Relationships

Guide Me, Niyamas

The Chakras

Gratitude in Two Steps

Using Yoga to Change your Emotional State

Sanskrit 101

Yoga Exercises for Stronger Legs

The Poison of Gossip

Preventing Holiday Imbalance

Mindful Tips for Thanksgiving

Your Aura


Student + Teacher = Union


How to Create Intentions for Success

Holding Emotions in the Hips

Anxiety in Perimenopause

Why Yoga is Good for Men

Ask Mukha Yoga

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