Your Aura

November 19, 2019

Everything is energy. This energy cannot be created nor destroyed; it can only be transmuted from one form into another. Ultimately, energy can only do two things: expand or contract. High frequency vibrations expand energy, while low vibrational frequencies contract it.

Your Aura l The Community Hub l Mukha Yoga

Your central nervous system is comprised of your brain, your spinal cord and your vagus nerve. Your peripheral nervous system includes your physical senses (touch, hearing, smell, taste, sight). Both systems use electrical impulses to keep your body operating at peak performance for optimum health, wellbeing, and keeping your physical body alive. This is the most sophisticated fiber-optic communication system in existence.

These electric currents actively convey messages throughout your body. The friction of the energy waves moving from one place to another through a medium creates an electromagnetic field around your physical body. This electromagnetic biological field of energy is your aura.

Your nervous system also has seven neural nodes known to the ancestors as chakras. Important glands of your endocrine system are found at these junctions. Each chakra has a specific color based on its function and location along the vibrational frequency scale.

Your Aura l The Community Hub l Mukha Yoga

The light of the Root chakra is red. That of the Sacral chakra is orange. The Solar Plexus chakra shines yellow. The Heart chakra glows green. The Throat chakra is the blue flame of truth. The Third-eye chakra is the indigo light of your mind’s inner realm. The Crown chakra is a thousand-petaled violet lotus that is everblooming. When wholly integrated, the seven light colors harmonize to create your own unique frequency vibration and color, your aura.

Though it might be invisible to most, your aura radiates from you and courses through your body, always riding on your breath. It is a distinctive yet subtle quality of beingness enveloping you, much like a scent or odor. This pulsating field of energy surrounds all living beings. It is your energetic signature and holds the holographic blueprint of your highest evolutionary potential as dictated by your DNA, which is affected every moment by vibrational frequencies directing it to expand or contract, to express or recess. Your aura is you, in every way possible.

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