The Awakened Heart | with a guided meditation

February 01, 2021

When we experience all that comes our way, all of life’s joys and pains, we have a choice: to harbor or release. The flow of life shows us that nothing lasts forever and we can choose to step into the stream of wellbeing, or resist. An awakened heart is one that is enriched and softened by experiences, not hardened.  

Awakening the Heart | Mukha Yoga

2020 made it clearer than ever that we all need to be responsible for our own inner well-being and healing, our ability to be compassionate and our capacity for love.  

Waking up to our inner world invites us to take inventory of our thoughts and emotions that arise when challenged.When we identify what incites pain when we’re triggered, we can begin to open and awaken our hearts. Instead of “releasing all that does not serve you” or the “negative energy”, consider the spiritual wisdom that fear and adversity carries beyond what’s presented at the surface. Everything has its purpose and the purpose of all things is to expand and grow. We can give ourselves permission to take refuge for healing and give ourselves time to accept what feels impossible. We can make love our North Star.

How comforting to know that the pain of a particular experience, or the confusion over a set of circumstances, will become understandable with the passage of time. All experiences play their part. There is security in knowing that our journeys are necessary and right for us.

If our struggles are really invitations from our soul to expand into a higher awareness, what is the invitation? What higher, unconditional truth is asking to be activated within you?”  

We can use love to guide our thoughts and actions, and choose our words to reflect the qualities of our hearts. Love brings compassion, which leads to understanding and opens the door for forgiveness and peace. Our love can enrich the lives of everyone. A peaceful loving world with an awakened heart is possible if we truly want it. Living with an awakened heart is to realize that the most valuable thing we can share is our willingness to care, share love and forgive. When we forgive, we lay down our burdens of fear, hurt, and anger and welcome cleansing love to fill us completely. Once we do that, we can awaken our hearts to loving unconditionally.

Allow Julie to guide you in her Meditation for Awakening the Heart.

Julie Bertinga l Mukha Yoga Writer By Julie Bertagna; All Rights Reserved @2021

Julie Bertinga l Mukha Yoga Writer
By Julie Bertagna; All Rights Reserved @2021

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