Essential Oils for Romance & Sensuality

February 09, 2021

If the aphrodisiacs like chocolate, oysters, maca, and asparagus (wait, what?) are passé for the sex drive department, then try a little aromatherapy to rev those cuddly engines.

One thing is clear about aromatic odors: they are personal and subjective. What smells good to me may smell like dirty socks to you. Given this brief disclaimer, test your sniffer on these essential oils to amplify intimate moments.

Essential Oil Scent Benefits



Mood lifter (i.e., happy brain chemicals).



Brings out your inner romantic nature, primes you to receive sex cues better.

Ylang Ylang

Sweet, Spicy

May reduce blood pressure, boosts your self-esteem.

Clary Sage

Herbal, Musky

Calms your anxious mind.


Anise, Licorice

Reduces gut distress,shrinks stress.


Woodsy, Earthy

Increases alertness, reduces worry.



Calming effect, relieves headaches, promotes sleep, reduces anxiety

How to use these essential oils

Use a carrier like almond oil, coconut oil, witch hazel, or water (in a diffuser or warm bath) as the base for inhalation or a massage treatment. Do not apply full-strength essential oils to the skin as direct exposure may cause skin irritation. Use one drop of essential oil to one teaspoon of carrier. Discontinue use of the oil blend if one of you exhibits any allergic reaction.

Love oil recipes suggested in drops

  • 5 clary sage + 1 rose + 1 jasmine + 2 tablespoons (carrier oil or diffuser)
  • 3 sandalwood + 3 lavender + 2 ylang ylang + 3 tablespoons (carrier oil or diffuser)
  • 2 rose + 2 jasmine + 2 sandalwood + 2 tablespoons (carrier oil or diffuser)

The oils discussed are beautiful on their own, too, with no blending. Blend and discover new recipes that excite or relax your partner and you. Here’s to happy hormones and low stress.

Tricia Louvar l Mukha YogaBy Tricia Louvar; All Rights Reserved @2021

Tricia Louvar l Mukha YogaBy Tricia Louvar; All Rights Reserved @2021

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