The Chakras

January 15, 2019

The chakras are seven key points in the subtle body that can be described as energy centers and vehicles of consciousness. According to yogic tradition, the subtle body is the part of you that you can't see or touch. It is where your energy flows and where experiences and memories reside. These energetic fields are a vital part of our being. When balanced we can feel joy, face our fears, and experience freedom. When out of balance, we feel the weight of anxiety, pain, and self-sabotage.

The Chakras l Mukha Yoga

Our first chakra is muladhara, our root, our sense of security and connection to our tribe and the Earth. The second is svadhisthana, the sacral chakra, our connection and ability to accept others and new experiences. Moving upward to our third, manipura, the solar plexus chakra, is the center of our ego, personal power, and self esteem. Our fourth is the heart chakra, anahata, which connects the powerful energy of love to our emotional self. Number five is visuddha, centered in the throat, giving us the self-expression of our voice. Our third eye of intuition and insight, anja, is the sixth and our crown chakra. Sahasara is our seventh, creating expansion of higher consciousness.

These energy centers can become blocked and stagnant with old thoughts, trauma, and emotions from the past. Seane Corn, an internationally known yoga teacher, says, “If you’re breathing and living your life, your chakras are blocked.” If we consider feelings we have when things aren’t right, such as a knot in the stomach, or our heart actually aching, it makes sense that we can feel the emotions in specific areas of our body. There truly is a flow of energy from what we are feeling to what is happening in our bodies.  

Clearing your chakras strengthens your connection to yourself and allows your consciousness to grow. Yoga, meditation, being in nature, and making time for stillness can free up energy and release worries and fears that we’ve been holding on to. Think of it as cleansing your space to experience a lightness of being. When we have awareness that everything is connected energetically and every life experience is imprinted in our being, we can shine light on all of it, see more clearly, and reclaim our power.

Julie Bertagna l Mukha YogaBy Julie Bertagna; All Rights Reserved @2019

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