Yoga Medicine for the Crown Chakra

January 06, 2021

Just as the name sounds, the crown chakra (Sahasrara) is located at the top and center of your head and is where your higher consciousness and central nervous system meet. The crown chakra is believed to be closely related to our spiritual journeys and Samadhi (enlightenment), the final limb of the 8 limbs of yoga.

Sahasrara means a thousand petals in Sanskrit, giving the visual of a thousand petals of the lotus flowers being arranged on top of one another in a mandala shape. In several eastern traditions, the lotus flower signifies purity and rebirth.

Enlightenment is a journey that in yoga, requires disciplined devotion to Ashtanga, the 8 limbs of yoga. While utilizing yoga medicine for the crown chakra will certainly not bring ultimate feelings of unity with the universe - it can allow for spiritual blocks to be shifted and even for feelings of bliss to arise.

Balancing this chakra relates to being present and feeling connected to the Divine. In your spiritual practice, the divine can mean different things - maybe God or higher consciousness. You may adapt this visual to what it means to you in your belief system.

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When out of balance, the chakra can relate to feelings of disconnection from the Divine or difficulty trusting or feeling unsure of your path. A balanced crown chakra is associated with the ability to see the bigger picture, a strong sense of faith or spirituality, and even feeling liberated from limiting beliefs.

Asana Practice

For balancing your crown chakra, incorporate the following asanas in your yoga flow while envisioning a violet or white light radiating from the crown of your head.

Downward Dog - to encourage alignment and healthy circulation.

Dancer Pose - improves posture and bodily awareness and instills feelings of confidence. Kick your foot into hand and feel your heart space open in this posture. You may modify this pose by using a chair or wall to lean against, or use a strap to kick your foot into.

Head stand or wide legged forward fold - stimulate your nervous system and improve circulation. Stay here for at least three breaths.

Tree or Mountain Pose - helpful postures for drawing attention and flow of energy to the crown of your head, encouraging balance, and correcting posture.

Lotus - an essential foundational pose for meditation. Use a meditation pillow to sit up tall and envision the thousand-petaled lotus at the top of your crown. You may choose to meditate and chant in this posture. The mantra for the Crown Chakra is Om. Feel free to sing this chant to your heart’s content. Feel the vibration pulse at the top of your head as you sing.

Helpful affirmations: I honor the Divine in me… I honor my body as a temple... I am at peace… I am...

Hannah Parks l Mukha YogaBy Hannah Parks; All Rights Reserved @2021

Hannah Parks l Mukha Yoga

By Hannah Parks; All Rights Reserved @2021

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