2021 Spotlight on Sustainable Products

January 05, 2021

This photo features Shakti Warrior's Samskara Mat

We have learned a lot about ourselves in 2020 - having developed a better picture of what kind of world we want and what we need to collectively work for: a more sustainable, conscious future.

Mukha Yoga has always sought out brands that can proudly boast a high ethical standard. We seek out fair trade, sustainable, products from companies that focus on empowering others and taking care of the earth.

Redoubling our efforts for sustainability, we have upgraded our packing materials to Glassine, a biodegradable and recyclable material by Eco Enclose. No more one-use plastics! We will also continue to offer the option to plant a tree with your order at check-out.

Learn more about our Stewardship and Carbon Footprint Story.

All About Cork

We love cork products. Sustainably harvested cork is biodegradable and durable - an excellent alternative to foam, plastics, and PVC. Cork has anti-microbial properties that we appreciate, especially as 2020 has taught us to be more hygiene-conscious.

In terms of yoga mats, cork offers great cushion and non-slip grip that actually gets better with moisture - ideal for hot yoga.

Cork Mats

Other Cork Products We Love

Shakti Warrior

The newest addition to the Mukha Community, Shakti Warrior is a women owned and operated company that places the environment and their employees first.Their cork products are 100% eco-friendly, sustainably sourced cork from oak bark. By using the bark from oak trees, the tree absorbs five times as much carbon dioxide to reproduce its bark.

Our favorite Shakti Warrior cork products:

We Love Trees! Mats made from 100% sustainably grown rubber

Rubber mats have always been a crowd favorite - with the ability to absorb moisture, rubber mats have a slip-resistant stickiness and durability that many love.

If you are looking for an environmentally friendly and ethical purchase, rubber is great since, like cork, it is biodegradable. But we want to go beyond how our products return to the earth after the years of use and love - and look at how they are harvested. We seek out partners that harvest their rubber in a sustainable and ethical way - ensuring their rubber comes from renewable and non-ozone depleting sources.

At the time of Jade Yoga's founding in 2000, most yoga mats were slippery and made from PVC's that are both harmful to nature and humans. Jade Yoga mats are made from natural rubber and the Harmony Mat was the first non-toxic green mat on the market.

The Voyager Mat comes in at 1.5mm and folds flat, optimal for the yogi-on-the-go. The 5mm Harmony Mat is our most popular mat, great for the everyday yogi. At a luxurious 8mm, the Fusion Mat is the most cushioned mat we offer - optimal for the Yin Yogi looking for extra support.

Manduka was born from the simple idea that you could make a better yoga mat in a healthy non-harming way. Today, Manduka's yoga mats are some of the most popular mats on the market - with their excellent grip and durability, it is easy to see why!

Ethical Brands - more products we are proud to offer

We are proud to partner with Vuori, not only because of their high quality products, but because of their sustainable and ethical practices. They closely adhere to the International Labor Organization's core labor standards, which commits to fair working environments and we love their commitment to offset 100% of their carbon footprint and use 50% recycled materials by 2022.

Our most popular Vuori products:


Mukha Yoga is proud to offer Prana products, because they strive to make high-quality clothing while reducing their carbon footprint, using fabrics that are less toxic on the environment. Almost all of their products are Fair TradeCertified™ and bluesign® approved.

Prana products we love:

We are joining Prana’s Responsible Packaging Movement by omitting all one-use plastics from our packaging supplies. You can learn more about this movement by following #ReshapePackaging.

Hannah Parks l Mukha YogaBy Hannah Parks; All Rights Reserved @2021

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