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  • Yoga Medicine for the Throat Chakra

    October 19, 2020 3 min read

    The throat chakra (Vishuddha) is the center for creative expression and communication. Vishuddha means ‘to purify’ in Sanskrit, apt for this chakra since it is the ‘bottleneck’ of energy that connects your ethereal chakras (third eye and crown) to your lower four chakras. Balancing this chakra relates to aligning your vision to reality by speaking and living your truth.

    Extended Puppy | Mukha YogaA blocked throat chakra could be related to feelings of stunted creativity, being afraid of silence, the inability to express or advocate for oneself, or maybe feeling like you aren’t acting or communicating your truth. Trusting in truth, or  Satya, is one of the five yamas of yoga. Speaking your truth is an act of love to yourself and an act of kindness to others. Remember, Clear is Kind, Unclear is Unkind.

    Physically, the throat chakra relates to the distance from your jaw to the hollow of your collarbone. This area includes your thyroid, so interacting with hormonal fluctuations, metabolism, and energy regulation. The throat chakra also closely relates to the heart chakra. A blocked throat chakra can weigh heavy on the heart, so it may be useful to incorporate some heart openers into your throat chakra practice.


    For breathwork, Lion’s Breath or Brahmari  are especially useful for balancing your Vishuddha.

    Define your intention at the beginning of your practice. Consider, how can you show love to yourself and others through integrity? Here are helpful affirmations: Creativity flows through me… I am safe to speak my truth… My voice is important…

    Through each of these asanas, envision a blue light radiating from your throat.

    Ear to shoulder - Seated, gently lean your ear back and forth towards each relaxed shoulder. Notice tension in your neck, shoulders and jaw. Where are you holding your stress?

    Cat/Cow - Great for spinal health and your abdominal organs. You can do this pose seated or with a blanket under your knees as modifications.

    Flip Your Dog for Throat Chakra | Mukha Yoga

    Plow Pose - This inversion helps calm the brain, relieve headaches, and stimulate your thyroid. Do not force your feet to touch the ground, listen to your body here. Stay here for at least 5 breaths.

    Flip Dog - Build strength in your upper back and shoulders while opening up the front of your body. To get here, move from downward dog to side plank into your back bend. Do whatever variation of this pose that feels right, like dropping a knee as a modification.

    Shoulder stand - Stimulate your nervous system and improve circulation. Stay here for at least three breaths.

    Extended Puppy Pose - Essentially, child’s pose with a slight inversion, placing your heart higher than your head. Great for stretching the shoulders and inviting a place of calm. You can choose to thread the needle here.

    Legs up the wall - This restorative posture, takes pressure off your feet, stretches the back of your neck, and calms the mind. I like to rest in this pose for 5 minutes, but you can rest here for up to 15. For further comfort, you may use a blanket as a pillow under your head, place  massage balls between your shoulder blades, or use an eye pillow over your eyes.

    Hannah Parks l Mukha YogaBy Hannah Parks; All Rights Reserved @2020

    Hannah Parks l Mukha Yoga
    By Hannah Parks; All Rights Reserved @2020