Clarifying Purpose

October 14, 2020

What is our purpose in life? Why are we here? Isn’t that one of the biggest questions we all ask about at some point? How do we know? Where do we find it? I remember asking those questions over and over throughout my younger life, the answer eluding me.  

As human beings, we carry the desire to live our lives in the best way possible, but how much of what we do is for the approval of others? Clarifying our purpose can be very simple if we can get out of our own way and celebrate what makes us unique. We begin to see that we have been blessed in certain ways for a reason, and these same qualities will provide us with a way to prove our worth to ourselves, instead of seeking outside validation.  

One thing I am very clear on is that my purpose has been revealed through both my achievements and struggles. I’m empowered by my hardships from the lessons I’ve learned and the reality that, yes, I get to decide my destiny. That awareness has enabled me to be an open book with my life and share the tools for growth I’ve gathered along the way.

Clarifying Purpose | Mukha Yoga

We are all here for connection - to feel like we matter. Our wisdom is meant to be bestowed upon one another! How many times have we heard someone’s story and felt as if they were kindred spirits because their feelings and experiences are not unlike that we have? This familiarity encourages us to own our journey, to quit living in shame, and embrace what brings us true joy.  

Take a few deep breaths and connect to that part of you that never stops believing in you. Approve of yourself.  

Maybe those are the first steps and very simply, all the clarity you need to realize your purpose. Whatever appears on your path is to show you that you have the power to heal what needs healing and see that you’re already the person you’ve dreamed you’d become.  

Open your heart and let you be you. You have a gift to share and the World needs you now!

Julie Bertinga l Mukha Yoga Writer
By Julie Bertagna; All Rights Reserved @2020

Julie Bertinga l Mukha Yoga Writer By Julie Bertagna; All Rights Reserved @2020

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