Satya: Trusting in Truth

December 03, 2019

Satya, truthfulness, is the second of the five yamas or restraints of the Yoga Sutras of Patanjali. Sutra 36 of book two roughly translates as: for one established in truthfulness, all action bears fruit. This sutra tells us that we can trust the results of everything we do in truth. This trust empowers us to skillfully surrender to the now moment.

Satya: Trusting in Truth l The Community Hub l Mukha Yoga

When we practice the yama of satya, we’re present and engaged without attachments to specific outcomes. Acting from a place of complete integrity, without investment in the results, we can access infinite possibility. This doesn’t mean that we do not make plans or set goals and objectives for ourselves and what we’d like to see in our lives. Satya is not an invitation into apathy. It is the choice to shift your perspective and act for the sake of being instead of focusing exclusively on what’s in it for you.

In practicing truthfulness it is important to speak from the heart with integrity and compassion. The right harmony must be struck in the practice of satya between truthfulness, kindness, and necessity. When our expression as a living being is grounded in truth, our creative energy is redirected from consuming duality to generative wholeness. Satya provides a container for the discernment of your true authenticity. Rooted at the core of satya, we live in the abundance of trust.

Without the truth there is no trust. Nothing can grow or blossom without a strong foundation. Like a seed planted in fertile soil eventually grows to bear countless fruit, truth can be counted on to deliver joy, peace, and stillness. When we first seek the truth, we embrace the now and all that arises as if we had chosen it. Once we know the truth, we express who we are without fear.

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