Clear is Kind. Unclear is Unkind.

December 22, 2019

Clear is Kind. Unclear is Unkind. l The Community Hub l Mukha Yoga“It’s simple but transformative: Clear is kind. Unclear is unkind...most of us avoid clarity because we tell ourselves that we’re being kind, when what we’re actually doing is being unkind and unfair.

“Feeding people half-truths or bullshit to make them feel better (which is almost always about making ourselves feel more comfortable) is unkind. Not getting clear with a colleague about your expectations because it feels too hard, yet holding them accountable or blaming them for not delivering is unkind. Talking about people rather than to them is unkind.”

—Dare to Lead, Brené Brown

This quote makes me think of all the times I’ve been unclear because of fear or shame. And unsurprisingly, this miscommunication (on my part) always leads to disconnect and more fear and shame. I want to get it right the first time. I want to be clear and honest so that I can live my life with integrity and boundaries and safe edges that I create. Clarity does not have to mean that fear disappears. Only that fear is not as important as speaking up.

If I’m not going to speak up for what I need and want, who is?

Fae Leslie Hoffman l Mukha YogaBy Fae Leslie Hoffman; All Rights Reserved @2019

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