Mindful Tips for Thanksgiving

November 26, 2019

Peace of mind is often elusive during the busy winter holiday season, and it’s during these times of excess activity and stress that we need to be even more mindful about taking time to decompress and just be.

Thankfully, there are things we can do on and off our yoga mats to create a gentler atmosphere - one of gratefulness and community.

Mindful Tips for Thanksgiving l The Community Hub l Mukha Yoga

Breathe. The beauty of simply taking time to connect with the breath is that you can do it anywhere, at any time. Take your breaths outside the mid-zone of the ribs that we tend to stay in and really inhale and exhale completely and slowly. Feel yourself become more centered and calm. Repeat throughout the day as needed.

Move. If you work at a desk all day, get up every 20-30 minutes to take a walk or do a few of your favorite stretches or yoga poses. Find time to get your heart rate up a few times every week too! Snowshoeing, skiing/snowboarding, and ice skating connect you with nature, while your favorite barre fitness, body sculpt, or weightlifting class can help keep you strong and flexible for your outdoor pursuits.

Focus. Make time for yourself and prioritize what is truly important to you during the holidays. Avoid spreading yourself so thin you aren’t able to enjoy events and gatherings, even if it means saying no to a few things. Find the deeper meaning beyond the chaos and commercialism.

Give. Notice a need in your family, circle of friends, or community and fill it. When we reach out to those who may be struggling, it not only helps them feel seen and heard, but it also reminds us of their humanity and fosters a gratefulness that we are in a position to lend a hand.

Let it Go. Once you realize that the only one judging your dishes or centerpiece is you, it’s easy to relax and soak in the quality time with family and friends. Food made by loving hands and great conversation will be the stuff memories are made of.

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