The Power of Thought

August 06, 2019

Our human reality operates entirely through thought. Everything we feel is a result of our thinking. If we feel anxious, it’s because we are experiencing anxious thinking. If we feel happy, it’s because we are experiencing happy thinking. How we view our reality, therefore, really does come from within! We have the power to choose our thoughts and therefore, we have the power to create our feelings.

The Power of Thought l Mukha Yoga

From the time we are created, we develop the power of thought, and with time, when a need isn’t met and we feel uncomfortable, the emotions of fear and abandonment set in.

We learn that a blanket is comforting because it makes us feel better, right? Wrong. The blanket is an object, with no capacity to make us feel anything. One hundred percent of feeling comfort comes from our own thinking about the blanket. Couldn’t this be where all kinds of addictions begin? We reach for something to soothe and fix us and in that moment of relief, our thinking is altered and the discomfort is numbed, giving us a distorted reality. We believe it is the answer to our problems, but it’s actually just our mind thinking it’s the answer.

Wellbeing is accessible only if we see that our reality is experienced through thought. When we allow our thoughts to flow through us, instead of getting hooked by them, we create calm in the body and mind where we once would have disappeared down a rabbit hole. It's in this space where clarity can arise and we can see the truth.

We humans are a vessel of energy and throughout this human life, we are blessed with the amazingly abundant, creative power of thought. Remember, thoughts become things, so why not choose the ones that serve us in the name of peace and joy?

Julie Bertagna l Mukha YogaBy Julie Bertagna; All Rights Reserved @2019

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