Why Yoga is Good for Men

February 07, 2014

Is downward dog man’s new best friend? Maybe not, but perhaps alpha males and ex-jocks shouldn’t be so quick to dismiss the idea. Although today’s society associates the ancient Hindu philosophy with insanely flexible women in stylish outfits, yoga packs a powerful punch when it comes to the benefits for men.

Why Yoga is Good for Men l Mukha Yoga

First and foremost, practicing the physical and mental discipline has advantages in the bedroom. Great—now we have the full attention of all our male readers! Eagle pose can help revitalize a man’s bedroom prowess by sending fresh blood and oxygen to the sexual organs. Furthermore, practicing yoga can be more effective at treating premature ejaculation than the antidepressant Paxil. So the next time you and your partner are looking for a couple’s activity, flexible positions and sexual endurance sound like a win-win!

Bedroom benefits aren’t the only advantages to yoga. The added flexibility will help improve athletic performance and the consistent stretching will release lactic acid and tension that contribute to muscle soreness following strenuous workouts. Men also often overlook that yoga builds muscle strength through a total body workout using gravity and bodyweight for resistance. Even the United States Army is using yoga in its training regimen for soldiers.

Yoga provides numerous mental benefits as well. Paul McQuillan, a yoga instructor at Toronto’s Bikram Yoga Centre, states that yoga “trains your mind to shut down” and therefore will improve your mental focus. McQuillan also says the discipline balances the mind through mental clarity and a less self-absorbed demeanor. For scientific proof, a University of Ljubljana study in Slovenia found regular practice of yoga increased a measure of “selective attention” by 17%.

For a beginner’s guide to yoga geared towards men, check out health.com’s men's yoga center. It breaks down everything from the top 10 poses for men to the different yoga genres and their sport-specific benefits. If you’re still not convinced, try checking out a local class.

By Cameron Harper; All Rights Reserved @2014

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