The Magic of Cannabinoids—more than just CBD

December 17, 2020

During a pit stop at my favorite local dispensary, I inquired about the best edible for good, steady sleep. With menopausal symptoms waking me up frequently, getting back to a peaceful slumber after a major hot flash seemed out of reach. I needed help falling andstaying asleep.

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My magic treat turned out to be a dark chocolate 1:1:1 blend—equal parts THC (to get that chill feeling that helps with relaxation),CBD (known for its pain-relieving, muscle spasm-suppressing, tranquilizing properties), and CBN, which I had only begun to see in some cannabis products recently. I was told that CBN acts as an analgesic and antispasmodic, and can result in better sleep quality. It can also be used to treat glaucoma.

So far, I can say that my new nighttime snack not only performs as promised; it satisfies my hormonal chocolate craving too. Win-win!

As we continue to study the many cannabinoids that can be extracted from the cannabis plant, we learn more about what they can do for us. For now, I’d like to introduce a few of CBD’s lesser-known cousins with a rundown of their benefits (that we are currently aware of—in the grand scheme of things, this is a new field of study and we’re just getting started).

CBC.This cannabinoid has the attention of naturopaths who work with oncology patients, as it appears to inhibit cancer cell growth, promotes bone growth and health, reduces inflammation, and relieves pain.

CBG.Also inhibits cancer cell growth and promotes bone growth, while also aiding with sleep and slowing bacterial growth. It can also lower blood pressure.

CBGA.May be a solution to bacterial infections, as CBGA reduces inflammation, relieves pain, and slows bacterial growth.

CBDA.Another cannabinoid that studies indicate slows cancer cell growth, while also reducing inflammation.

CBCA.Inflammation reduction (which seems to be a recurring benefit among our cannabinoid friends) plus healing of fungal infections makes CBCA one to watch.

Many of us who prefer natural ways to heal ourselves have been aware for some time about CBD's benefits - such as its anti-anxiety and antidepressant properties and its ability combat seizures. We find hope in this benevolent plant and the possibility of more health-promoting secrets it may hold.

Heidi Drake l Mukha YogaBy Heidi Drake; All Rights Reserved @2020

Heidi Drake l Mukha YogaBy Heidi Drake; All Rights Reserved @2020

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