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  • Six Adaptogenic Mushrooms & Their Benefits

    May 31, 2022 2 min read

    Let’s talk about magic mushrooms. No, not that kind!

    Also referred to as “functional mushrooms”, adaptogenic mushrooms are now commonplace in the supplement space. Available in powders, capsules and even coffee, mushroom products are easy to come by in most major cities here in the U.S. So, do they really work? Which ones? We’ve done the foraging for you! Keep reading for your beginner’s guide to adaptogenic mushrooms.

    What are adaptogens and what do they do for you?

    Adaptogens are herbs and plants that are said to help manage stress in the body to maintain homeostasis. They work by interacting with the hypothalamic-pituitary-adrenal (HPA) axis - a complex system of neuroendocrine pathways, glands and receptors in the body. This system is critical to mediating stress response, energy levels and metabolism. Adaptogens are unique in that they “adapt” to the needs of the individual.

    In addition to mushrooms, other widely used adaptogens include ashwagandha, tulsi and ginseng.

    What are the health benefits of adaptogenic mushrooms?

    Adaptogenic Mushrooms & Their Benefits

    Although their mainstream popularity may be fairly new, adaptogenic mushrooms have actually been used in Eastern medicine for centuries. There are 6 popular types of adaptogenic mushrooms, each with their own unique health-promoting properties.

    Shiitake: Famous in Chinese medicine, shiitake mushrooms can be considered the cover-all option amongst all the adaptogenic mushrooms. They can help support cardiovascular health and lower cholesterol levels.

    Reishi: Reishi powders and supplements taken before bed are said to help you wind down and promote deep sleep. They also tout immune and mood boosting properties and can help to regulate blood sugar.

    Chaga: To lower inflammation in your body, make chaga your adaptogen of choice. They contain antioxidants and can help fight off viral infections.

    Cordyceps: A great choice for pre-workout, cordyceps are the energy-boosters in the adaptogenic mushroom category. As a supplement, they are said to offer boosts in stamina, leading to greater athletic performance.

    Lion’s Mane: Brain booster. Research has found that lion’s mane mushrooms can help to protect against dementia and alzheimers. Taken regularly, they are said to improve mental clarity, memory and concentration.

    Turkey Tail: The heavy-hitting option when you need a boost of immunity, choose turkey tail as your adaptogen of choice. With strong antiviral properties, these mushrooms can help defend against cold and flu. They also contain prebiotics, which can help to build a strong and healthy gut microbiome.

    What is the best way to consume adaptogenic mushrooms?

    One of the most convenient ways to add adaptogenic mushrooms to your diet is by adding a powdered form to smoothies. Mushroom coffee and hot chocolate blends are also a tasty option and can be found in caffeinated or caffeine-free varieties. Adaptogenic mushrooms can also be taken in capsules, as part of a daily supplement routine.

    Victoria Maybee l Mukha Yoga
    By Victoria Maybee; All Rights Reserved @2022

    Victoria Maybee l Mukha YogaBy Victoria Maybee; All Rights Reserved @2022