September 03, 2018

Mantras are a practice of rooting yourself in chants, words, or phrases with the intention of transformation. By repeating your mantra, conscious thoughts dissolve and access to your deepest self becomes possible as you enter a state of meditation. Mantras are either repeated aloud or silently in your mind with the power truly stemming from repetition.

Mantras l Mukha Yoga

Mantras that I have found particularly helpful are:

  • “So hum” which translates as “I am.” I call upon this mantra to get present and grounded. I practice this mantra in seated meditation. Inhale “so” exhale “hum.” I find it soothing, nurturing, and calming. This mantra is not only an acknowledgement of “I am;” it is also a knowing of “you are” and “we are.” I am and you are. I am my breath and my body. I am this moment. Allow this mantra to take on the rhythm of your breath and let yourself be gently held by this rhythm.
  • “May all beings be happy, healthy and free.” I return to this mantra when I am needing and wanting to connect with feelings of peace and connection. If I’m feeling frustrated, annoyed, let down, or helpless, I repeat this mantra (often while driving) to return to my deepest longing - that all beings be happy, healthy, and free.
  • “Om Namah Shivaya” which translates as "O salutations to the auspicious one!" It is a celebratory chant to Lord Shiva, the god of everything. By chanting Om Namah Shivaya, you are celebrating all of creation, you are celebrating everything that is and isn’t, you are getting clear on intentions, and you are committing to hope and faith. This chant is one of the most well-known chants and can be spoken or sung.

Mantras are usually practiced one at a time and over a period of time. Choose one of the above and adopt it for 2-3 weeks. Commit to a meditation practice with mantra practice or sing it or say it yourself on your drive to work in the morning. Take note of any shifts you experience, in clarity, in stress levels, and in feelings of groundedness and connection.

Om Namaste.

Liz Skarvelis l Mukha YogaBy Liz Skarvelis; All Rights Reserved @2018

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