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    May 19, 2023 4 min read

    Top 7 Yoga Mats of 2023

    Our favorite yoga mats tested by yogis for yogis

    Best Mats Tested by Yogis for Yogis

    On the hunt for your perfect yoga mat?

    Over 20 years ago, there was not a single mat designed specifically for yoga on the market - and now the market is saturated.

    While choice is great, it can be overwhelming. Where to even begin?

    So, we have selected our favorites yoga mats of 2023 to help you narrow your search. Who are we? We are yogis who love different styles of yoga. We are travelers, healers, and yoga lovers. These are mats that we use and love ourselves.

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    Best Budget-Friendly Mat

    The Hugger Mugger Tapas Ultra Yoga mat has always been one of our best sellers! Not only does it have a budget-friendly price tag, but its quarter-inch thickness offers superior cushion to protect your joints.

    Hugger Mugger was the very first to design a mat specifically for yoga. Developed over 20 years ago, this mat has become a cult-classic amongst yogis for its super sticky feel - so you will have no problems staying in your favorite arm balance.

    They are still made in the USA with no heavy metals or phthalates.

    Available in Tall for those who are 6' or taller.

    Best Cork Yoga Mat

    Designed with sustainability in mind, this beautifully designed cork mat is good for the environment and for your practice. The luxurious 6mm cushion offers support for joints - perfect for restorative yoga.

    Surprisingly lightweight, this mat comes in at a little under three pounds, so you can take your practice anywhere!

    Cork offers a non-slip grip that actually gets better with moisture while boasting anti-microbial properties. The closed-cell plant foam base does not absorb moisture or odors for a hygiene-conscious practice.

    The cork made to create this mat is picked from oak trees in the Mediterranean. Oak trees are the only type of tree that regenerates their bark. When the bark is stripped from the tree, it allows the tree to absorb five times more CO2. It's a win-win-win.

    Sold out

    Sold out

    Best Yoga Mat for Travel

    Yoga Design Lab's mats feel like they were built in the future - they are machine washable (!), beautifully designed, and made with a luxurious suede microfiber surface that gives you the grippy, absorbent feel of a towel with the soft cushion of a mat.

    So really a 2-in-1 deal: mat and towel.

    Made from 100% natural tree rubber and recycled plastic bottles, this mat is eco-friendly, biodegradable, and recyclable.

    We ranked it our favorite travel-friendly mat because of its thin foldable 1.5mm design and its machine washable fabric that we can't get over.

    This mat also comes with its own durable carrying strap. What isn't there to love?

    Also available in 3.5mm and a unique extra-large curved design.

    Best Eco-Friendly Mat

    For those of you looking for a mat with a super grip and lighter weight, the Manduka eKO Lite Mat is the mat for you.

    Made from biodegradable, non-Amazon harvested, natural tree rubber, this yoga mat is good for your yoga practice and for the earth.

    The natural rubber offers a sticky feel that will last years. Plus, it is velvety-soft to the touch for a luxurious feel that we just love! Made to withstand intense yoga practices while also offering cushion for restorative yoga classes.

    Available in four beautiful colors. Also available in a travel-friendly 1.5mm thickness and a yin yoga-friendly 5mm thickness.

    Sold out

    Sold out

    Best Cushioned Mat for Yin Yoga & Restorative Yoga

    Jade Yoga's Fusion mat is the ultimate cushioned yoga mat for those who love a luxurious yoga session.

    At 8mm thick, it is their thickest yoga mat (and one of the thickest on the yoga market), perfect for those who are looking for that extra level of cushion and support during their practice.

    Made from high-quality sustainably sourced rubber, this yoga mat boasts great durability and a green footprint. Additionally, the natural rubber offers a high level of traction for a slip-resistant practice that is great for all yoga styles.

    The only con: it is is on the heavier side due to its lush cushion. Also available in a more portable 5mm and a foldable 1.5mm.

    Best Mat for Hot Yoga

    Hugger Mugger's Para Rubber Yoga Mat is the premium version of the cult classic Tapas mat (mentioned above).

    We especially love it for Hot Yoga for its dual-sided design that offers sticky traction and textured feel. With one side covered in tiny bumps to keep you in place and the other made with a woven, rubbery texture with extra grip.

    Boasts a cush 6mm thickness for versatility and comfort and is made with renewable, sustainable rubber for a mat that is good for you and the earth.

    Avaiable in an XL size for the tall yogi.


    Sold out

    Sold out

    Best All-Around Mat for All Yoga Styles

    Our very own Flow Yoga Mat was designed by yogis for a mat that is built to last and can be used for all yoga styles!

    Features high-density 5mm cushion for comfort and joint support - all while being surprisingly lightweight so you can take your practice with you. A dual-sided design for optimum grip features a proprietary dot pattern bottom to resist sliding as you flow from pose to pose.

    Our closed-cell construction stops moisture and sweat from getting absorbed to stop bacteria from breeding for a hygienic and easy-to-clean experience. Perfect for those planning to take their workout sessions outside.

    Available in four colors.

    The Flow Mat is responsibly made using an emissions-free process to produce a non-toxic and 100% latex-free mat. SGS certified to ensure our mats are made ethically and sustainably: a mat that we are proud of.

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