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How to Clean Your Yoga Mat

October 05, 2020 2 min read

Your yoga mat is a place of sanctuary, so the cleanliness of your mat is essential. Mats can easily become a breeding ground for bacteria and bad odors if not cared for properly.

To decide the best way to clean your yoga mat, you first need to identify what kind of mat you have.

How to care for your closed-cell mat

Closed-cell yoga mats are typically made from synthetic materials, are light, and are resistant to moisture. For those who practice hot yoga, a yoga towel is often recommended for easy care and better grip. If you do not use a yoga towel, the mat must be wiped clean of sweat after your practice.

Some of our popular closed-cell yoga mats:

Now you can always purchase a mat cleanser, but it can also be fun to customize your aromatherapy.

DIY Essential Oil Mat Cleanser Spray

Mix one part non-alcoholic witch-hazel or vinegar with three parts water, with 5-10 drops of your favorite essential oils into a spray bottle.

You can really use any essential oil in your spray, but you do want at least one to have antimicrobial and antibacterial qualities. Some of my favorites that have both of these properties are peppermint, lavender, lemongrass, cedarwood, eucalyptus, and tea tree oils. Use at least one of these as your base scent.

Some good essential oil combinations: Peppermint & lavender; eucalyptus & lemongrass; cedarwood & sweet orange. Or try the Four Thieves Essential Oil Blend  for its potent immune support benefits.

How to Clean Your Yoga Mat | Mukha Yoga

How to care for your open-cell mat

Open-cell yoga mats are typically made from rubber, absorb moisture, and have that slip-resistant stickiness and durability that many love. Since these mats absorb moisture for a non-slip practice, you may want to avoid using essential oils as they can clog the mat’s pores and deteriorate the much-loved stickiness.

Some of our popular open-cell yoga mats:

You can purchase anopen-cell yoga mat cleaner or you can make a spray of one part vinegar or alcohol-free witch hazel and three parts water. Avoid spraying liquid directly onto the mat, instead, spray the cleanser onto a sponge or towel first and then wipe down your mat.

Please note the EPA does not consider witch hazel or vinegar as a disinfectant and should not be used for COVID-19 prevention.

Caring for your yoga mat | Mukha Yoga

Caring for other yoga mats

Microfiber mats like Yoga Design Lab’s combo mat have a machine washable feature to make it that much easier to practice good hygiene.

Cork mats have antimicrobial properties and are self-cleaning. It is safe to use water, vinegar, and essential oils to clean cork mats.

Hannah Parks l Mukha YogaBy Hannah Parks; All Rights Reserved @2020

Hannah Parks l Mukha Yoga

By Hannah Parks; All Rights Reserved @2020

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