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    Prana Clothing for Positive Change

    Yoga Clothes for Men & Women

    In 1992, Pam and Beaver Theodosakis started Prana in their garage in Carlsbad, California, sewing the first pieces themselves and shipping them in old fruit boxes from local grocery stores. Starting with gear and clothing for yogis and climbers, Prana wanted to give more than they received. They strive to make high-quality clothing while reducing their carbon footprint with fabrics that use less toxins on the environment. Almost all of their products are Fair Trade Certified™ and bluesign® approved.

    Prana wants your clothes to reflect who you are, how you feel, and what you value most.

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    What does Prana Mean?

    Prana translated from Sanskrit means energy or vital life force. Prana makes sustainable clothing built for humans looking to improve their energy levels and increase productivity to feel more alive and vibrant. Being in Prana is being in the moment. Experiance a new sense of freedom and flexibility.


    In sanskrit prAna means lifeforce "breath" and is the inspiriation of how prAna Clothing got started. in 1992 Beaver Theodosakis and his wife Pam build the company from their garage in Carlsbad, CA and from the beginning their vision was sustainability. How can we make clothing that does not create waste and use toxic chemicals from the dying process. Today prAna is owned by Columbia Sportswear, a Pacfic Northwest Company that carries on those early visions by being a B-Sign certified company, using organic cotton and started the recyclable packing movement to stop plastics being used for packaging instead opting for twine or vela glassine paper bags instead of plastic bags that may end up in the Ocean. PrAna is a lifestyle brands with connections deep in yoga, climbing and the surf life. Here at Mukha Yoga we have followed in their believe about sustainability and only using packaging that is not harmful to our planet and us. Explore a full selection of prAa clothing from yoga shorts, sports bras and yoga tops.