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Sports Bras & Bandeaus

Low and High Impact Workout Bras

Sports Bras & Crop Tops

Sports bras are meant to provide different levels of support and can also vary depending on the needs of your activity. For example, restorative yoga is about slowing down so you may only need a low-impact bra. If you do vinyassa yoga, there is a lot of movement and twists so a medium-support sports bra will be helpful, versus if you are doing cardio, you'll look for a high-impact sports bra.

We have different types of sports bras to fit your needs at the best prices.

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Can I Wear a Sports Bra Everyday?

Today's sports bras are made to be comfortable to wear for longer periods and can be used for everyday use. The main concern is that sports bras can be to tight and can weaken back muscles leading to back pain. So just like yoga, everything should be a balance.

Sports Bras

Sports bras come in a variety of designs, from strappy, cross-back, and racerback. Some bras come with cups, removable cups or no cups. The bigger the cup size the more support you will need and that is always an awareness when buying a sports bra. If you tend to do more intense workouts (like running or dance), then having support will be better for your back and shoulders. Sports bras are made of high performance fabric that wicks moisture away from the skin so that you dont have to worry about a sports bra clinging to the skin. We have many different types, colors and designs from brands Handful, Onzie, Spiritual Gangster, prAna, Lole, Beyond Yoga, Boody and more.