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  • A Home Altar: Creating a Sacred Personal Space

    April 06, 2022 2 min read

    In  A Room of One's Own, Virginia Woolf's narrator encouraged women to have their own money and a space dedicated to writing and creating. The advice has crossed generations. Man cave and she-shed designs flourish. While not everyone may have the luxury of a prefab backyard house kit, the principle remains the same: people ache for a sacred personal space.

    Consider the home altar for all things yogic. A true-blue slice of inspiration for your space may come from various aspects of your current life or the one you want to lead. Here are helpful ideas on how to create your home altar.

    How to create your home altar

    How to create your home altar

    Claim a space. Can you locate a space in your home that is out of the way? Maybe even a corner that goes ignored? Your area may have a random sock and a dust ball collection. This might be the right place to start a home altar. Start small; you don't need an entire wall with ornate wood carvings and gold-plated statues. The goal is to find an area minus lots of foot traffic.

    Find furniture. Look around and decide if you could repurpose a table, shelf, dresser, footstool, or ottoman to transform it into an altar. Show some flexibility and imagination. Find a workable outlier and tailor it to your space.

    Objects with origin purpose. Altar items may include deities, symbols, crystals, rocks, texts, textiles, candles, plants, lamps, singing bowls, and incense. Organized religions specify the placement of deities or gurus at a certain height with the other objects—research how to uphold sanctity according to dogma.

    Consider framing photographs of ancestors and loved ones to honor familial and cultural memory. The use of artifacts may serve as conduits of worship, remembrance, or channeling energies. Let the space celebrate individuality. You're collaborating with all sides of yourself to resonate peace and calm.

    Using your home altar

    Home Altar: Creating a Sacred Space | Mukha Yoga

    Practice heart-opening asanas before sitting in the practice of meditation. Use whatever moments you have to quiet the body-mind. Start small: if all you can find are three minutes in a day, then know that you did three spectacular minutes dedicated to yourself. Build on those intentions and allow them to fill your days.

    Tricia Louvar l Mukha Yoga
    By Tricia Louvar; All Rights Reserved @2022

    Tricia Louvar l Mukha YogaBy Tricia Louvar; All Rights Reserved @2022