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August 03, 2021

Looking for the best meditation app? Look no further! In this blog post, we go through the top five meditation apps of 2021. Whether you're looking for the best option for beginners, or the best free meditation app, this guide is for you.

Best Free App: Insight Timer

With over 100,000 guided meditations—all available for free, Insight Timer is one of the best options out there for someone looking for a free app.

You can choose from their large library of guided meditations or use their completely customizable meditation timer. With the timer you can choose the duration of your meditation session, along with the type of chime at the end of the meditation, and any ambient noise during your session.

Cost: Free; $59.99/year membership available for access to MemberPlus for premium features and Insight Courses

Best for Beginners: Calm

Downloaded over 50 million times, it's easy to see why Calm is so popular. With a vast library of guided meditations, the Calm app is perfect if you're just getting started with meditation.

You begin your profile by indicating what you're looking for—better sleep, more focus, reduced anxiety, or self-improvement. Then the app asks you more specific questions based on what you're looking to get out of the app, to tailor your practice to your needs.

Cost: 7-day free trial, then free limited use of app; $14.99/month, $69.99/per year, or $400 for lifetime access to Calm Premium

Best for Guided Meditations: Headspace

Headspace earns the spot for best guided meditations because of the range of options to choose from. This app offers a wide variety of meditations depending on what you'd like to focus on, from coping with anxiety to managing anger. There is also an SOS section for quick meditation emergencies, and guided sessions for children of all ages.

Another great feature is that you can choose the length of the meditations, from 3 up to 20 minutes so you can customize your session as needed.

Headspace is an awesome choice because it offers both free lessons as well as paid options if you want more content. Their free offerings give you a good taste of what to expect from the rest of the app, so kudos to them!

Cost: 7-day free trial, then free limited use of app; $12.99/month or $69.99/year for full access

Best App for Those Hesitant to Try Meditation: Ten Percent Happier

The app for those skeptical about meditation. For anyone who thinks that they can't start a meditation habit or that they're just not good at it, 10% is here to prove you wrong.

The app offers short sessions where top mindfulness experts guide you through meditation basics, step by step. The app is based on the premise that life is stressful, no doubt—but meditation has the power to help us find more balance and a little more happiness in our lives.

Cost: Free for a 7-day trial; $100/year.

Best for Those Who Want A Yoga + Meditation App: Glo

There are plenty of apps out there that combine the two, but Glo stands out for several reasons. First, the sheer number of classes means you'll never run out of yoga or meditation sessions. Second, the app offers classes for all levels of experience, meaning no matter your experience level you can find a class that works best. Third, Glo has a variety of expert teachers with different specializations to guide you whether you're looking for an energetic vinyasa flow session or a meditation for sleep.

Cost: 7-day free trial, then $18/per month, or $162/year.

If you're seeking an app to guide your meditation practice, there are plenty of choices nowadays. Whether you're brand new to meditation or have been practicing for decades, there's a perfect option that will help you find balance and happiness in your life.

Mila Meldosian
By Mila Meldosian; All Rights Reserved @2021

Mila MeldosianBy Mila Meldosian; All Rights Reserved @2021

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