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3 Ways to Use Yoga Bolsters for Alignment

February 24, 2023 2 min read

How to support your body with yoga bolsters

Of all the yoga props out there, the bolster is my favorite. Bolsters are thick and firm cushions, usually rectangular or oval, that facilitate poses for students with limitations. What’s more, they are the best friends of therapeutic and restorative yoga practices. However, what I like the most about them is how I can use them to find alignment and support.

1) Yoga bolsters for spine alignment

If it’s hard to maintain good posture or if you spend a long time sitting down, you might struggle with yoga poses that elongate the spine or open the chest.

I use bolsters to remind my body what its natural spinal curves feel like. For example, a great restorative pose is Reclining Bound Angle with a bolster. By laying on the long-edge of the bolster, with the sitting bones on the floor and the lower back against the bolster’s curved edge, you shape the lumbar curve, open your chest and shoulders, and give extra support to your neck.

Pelvic pain and yoga bolsters

2) Yoga bolsters for pelvic support

Since I have tight hip flexors, I find it difficult to sit in postures like Hero Pose or Pigeon Pose. Being unable to properly align my pelvis or square my hips in these poses makes them extremely uncomfortable for me. This is where a bolster makes a world of difference! Sitting on top of one and sinking my hips down allows me to get the benefit of the poses without tensing my muscles.

3) Yoga bolsters for sacrum support

Another restorative pose that can work wonders at the end of a long day is Viparita Karani, or legs against the wall pose. Place your bolster parallel to a wall, separated by a few inches, and sit with your sacrum resting on the cushion. Rest your straight legs against the wall and shift on the bolster until your lower back curves over the edge. Close your eyes and relax into the pose.

Have you ever used bolsters this way? Next time you need to make a pose more accessible, grab a bolster and let it work its magic.

Sacrum Health and Yoga Bolsters

Aimeé Durán Triujeque l Mukha Yoga Writer
By Aimeé Durán Triujeque; All Rights Reserved @2022

Aimeé Durán Triujeque l Mukha Yoga Writer By Aimeé Durán Triujeque; All Rights Reserved @2022

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