Mudra Series: Prana

May 13, 2021


Eastern traditions refer to energy as prana or vital life force. It swirls and untwirls into the body from food choices, air quality, and the environment around you.

Tantric Buddhists explain that prana is a wind essence held within the body. Chinese medicine and acupuncture refer to prana asch'i, which courses through the universe and body's meridians. Seventy-two thousand energy channels occupy the body in three channels: left side body, right side body, and central channel (i.e., the spine).

Given that we are not only physical beings but energetic organisms, equalizing prana becomes a daily practice. Using the prana mudra during meditation and yoga is one powerful method.

Prana Mudra

Think of the prana mudra as if it's coffee and a weekly planner all in one. Using this mudra may make you more energized and efficient when you feel anxious, stressed, and sluggish.

The hand gesture is not natural and takes concentration to line up the fingers. Each hand mirrors the other: with one hand, bring the pinky, ring finger, and thumb into a clasped pinch as if stacking the fingers onto one another. The middle and index fingers are in a straightened position. Do this with each hand.

Combining the prana mudra with the intention of harmony and balance may help you arrive at clarity and raise your vibration.

Tricia Louvar l Mukha YogaBy Tricia Louvar; All Rights Reserved @2021

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