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  • Mudra Series: Three Secrets

    April 01, 2021 2 min read

    Mudra” is a Sanskrit term, meaning a ritual or symbolic gesture. Most mudras are done using the hands and fingers. For example, a common mudra in yoga practice is the Anjali Mudra—palms together at the heart. But there exists over a hundred mudras, each with different intentions and uses.

    One mudra that is particularly useful during times of stress is the Mudra of the Three Secrets, or Tse Mudra. The Tse Mudra is an ancient mudra practiced by Taoist monks and is known as the mudra to combat anxiety and depression.

    The Mudra of the Three Secrets aims to alleviate feelings of stress, chase away sadness, and help one overcome fears. It is also said to attract good fortune and mental clarity.

    To create the mudra you press your thumb into the palm and wrap your other fingers over it. It will look like a fist with the thumb tucked away inside.

    How To Practice the Mudra of the Three Secrets

    Three Secrets Mudra | Mukha Yoga

    How To Practice the Mudra of the Three Secrets

    To practice the Three Secrets Mudra, find a comfortable seated position on a mat, cushion, or chair. Or if you prefer, you can also do it laying down or standing. With palms facing up, place your hands on the tops of your thighs. Place each thumb into the palm of the hand. Wrap the other four fingers around the thumb. Then, take a deep breath in through the nose. Holding the breath, mentally chant “Om” in your head seven times. If you find it difficult to hold the breath that long, you can do one “Om” and work your way to seven. Finally, exhale and release the fingers. As you open the hands, visualize your feelings of stress, anxiety and sadness being released from your body.

    This is a wonderful mudra to use when you need to release negative emotions and welcome a sense of calm.

    Mila Meldosian
    By Mila Meldosian; All Rights Reserved @2021

    Mila MeldosianBy Mila Meldosian; All Rights Reserved @2021

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    Eastern traditions for over 3,000 years have paved the groundwork for the incorporation of this mind-body resonance. First, think of the hand as a gateway to the rest of the body's ecosystem. Each finger and palm coincide with a region of the body.

    In Ayurvedic tradition, this mudra is practiced to therapeutically improve functioning of the respiratory system and thyroid, and to help improve speech and communication.