What Is Acro Yoga?

July 08, 2020


Confession time: I was one of those people who really didn’t give yoga a chance for a long time because I thought it was boring. Had I been introduced to more active and innovative styles like aerial and acro yoga earlier, my journey would have started much sooner!

Just what is acro yoga? Like the name suggests, it’s a combination of yoga and acrobatics that offers human connection in addition to balance and strength exercises. It’s generally done with a partner with the help of an instructor—so, like with other gymnastic-style activities like cheerleading, you basically have a “spotter” (teacher) assisting a “base” and a “flyer”.

Acro is fun. Laughter is encouraged, and teamwork is part of the workout.

Grab a partner and try some of our favorite poses:

  • Stacked Plank—The base partner (1) gets into plank position, with arms straight and back level. The flyer, or top partner (2), stands over 1 with one foot on each side of 1’s hips, facing their feet (so, facing opposite). Grasping 1’s heels or ankles and then placing the tops of their feet on 1’s shoulders, 2 gets into plank position on top of 1. Hold for as long as you can! Then switch and repeat.
  • Acro Airplane—Base (1) lies down on the floor, with legs up, knees bent, and feet flexed. Flyer (2) faces 1 and places their belly on 1’s feet for support. Both partners grasp hands and 1 lifts 2 up with their legs. Remember doing this with the kids?
  • Pike/Downward Dog—Partner 1 gets into downward facing dog position. Partner 2 faces the same direction, standing in front of #1’s head, and places hands down for plank position. Partner 2 then walks their feet gently up #1’s back from shoulders to hips, also walking hands back, until #2 is in a pike/handstand position, supported by #1.

Play around with a friend or loved one at home, or find an acro yoga class nearby (especially if you’re a beginner).

By Heidi Drake; All Rights Reserved @2020

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