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    Yoga Gear & Outfits for Cancer Zodiac

    Yoga-Inspired Practices for Cancer Season

    The first water sign in the Zodiac calendar, those who have a Cancer placement tend to be emotionally-aware and deeply intuitive.

    Like the crab that symbolizes this zodiac, Cancer may have a tough exterior and present as overly sensitive. However, when comfortable, Cancer can be one of the most kind, loyal, protective, and nurturing signs.

    Yoga, breathwork, and meditation can be useful tools for Cancer to allow their emotions to flow freely to avoid stagnation. Alternate nostril breathing, Kundalini Yoga, Metta (loving-kindness) meditation, and intuitive yoga are all excellent practices for those with Cancer placements or for anyone looking for self-exploration during Cancer season.

    In terms of chakra work, Cancer correlates with the Third Eye, or Ajna, chakra. With almost mystical capabilities, Cancers when in tune with their Ajna demonstrate high emotional intelligence and spiritual awareness.

    Healing Guided Meditation for Cancer Season

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    Yoga Medicine for the Third Eye Chakra

    Take a moment to gaze through your mind’s eye and note what you see. Without judgment, ask yourself, are you living your daily life in alignment with this vision?

    To clearly intuit and practice following this intuition, we must turn to this practice of looking inward again and again. To develop a clear channel for manifesting your inner wisdom, promote spinal alignment and balance your third eye.