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    At Mukha Yoga we recognize that as we grow, so does our potential footprint. Because of this, we are committed to using sustainable practices. For every purchase you make with Mukha Yoga, we contribute, on your behalf, a donation to One Tree Planted, a company dedicated to reforestation of areas devastated by wildfires and loss of wilderness areas due to deforestation. 

    We are also committed to reducing the amount of plastic that we use to package and wrap products. The bags your items are shipped in are made from recyclable materials so that you can use them again. We also like to wrap your items in twine instead of plastic. We find it better for the environment, and much more useful!


    The clearest way into the Universe is through a forest wilderness. ~John Muir

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    Mukha Yoga PhotosMukha Yoga Photosmukha yoga PhotosMukha Yoga PhotosMukha Yoga PhotosMukha Yoga Photos