Meditation vs. Mindfulness

December 11, 2018

Recently, while leading a meditation workshop, I was asked if meditation and mindfulness were “basically the same thing?” The quick answer is no, they aren’t; however, I believe this topic deserves some attention. Consider that mindfulness is a broader stroke and meditation is a type of mindfulness. While most of us can’t sit in meditation all day, we can certainly strive to be more mindful throughout our day.

Meditation vs. Mindfulness l Mukha Yoga

I define mindfulness as: “being present, open, and aware in body, mind, and spirit.” This may then beg the question,”how?”

Start with your body and be where your feet are! Literally. Look down, see where your feet are, and be where you feet are. If you’re in the grocery store, be present in the grocery store. If you’re washing dishes, focus your attention on washing dishes.

Next, open your ears, eyes, and mind to your experiences, your surroundings, and your with yourself throughout the day and ask, “What am I feeling? What do I need?” Adopt a kind relationships. Become self-aware. Get to know yourself and your needs and wants. Check in curiosity when observing your behaviors, thoughts, and patterns. Rather than judge, embrace and examine as a compassionate friend would.

Lastly, become present, open, and aware in your spirit (soul, if you will) by practicing meditation. One of my teachers, Janet Stone, refers to meditation simply as “sitting” as the word meditation can carry heavy expectations. Find a few moments every day to sit still, rest your eyes closed, and breathe. Keep it simple. I repeat: Sit still, rest your eyes closed, and breathe.

Mindfulness is presence and the present moment is where life is happening. Mindfulness is your invitation to BE HERE NOW.


Liz Skarvelis l Mukha YogaBy Liz Skarvelis; All Rights Reserved @2018

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