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  • Poses that Flow

    July 09, 2017 2 min read

    Being in the flow—you know the feeling. Life feels like a yes, everything (or most things) are running smoothly, you’re catching all the green lights, receiving hugs and support from loved ones, you feel an inherent sense of ease. This is “being in the flow.”

    I like to think it’s something I’ve done when I achieve “flow.” However, I’ve learned that more often than not, it’s due to things I haven’t done. I’ve stopped trying to control, I’ve let go of my hold on anger/resentment/bitterness, and I’m in a place of acceptance.

    How can you bring this feeling of flow onto the mat?

    First, connect and COMMIT to your breath and ride it like a wave throughout your practice. Imagine the tide ebbing and flowing on the sea shore—that is your breath. Now, bring in the notion of water to your practice. Soften your joints and move through your transitions with ease and grace. As you flow through the below sequences, move with strength and intention rather than momentum.

    Poses that Flow l Mukha Yoga

    POSES for FLOW

    Dancing Warrior - Begin in warrior 2. From your waist down, connect to the earth and ground down. From your waist up, celebrate the fluidity of your spine by moving from reverse warrior (on your inhale) to extended side angle (on your exhale). Inhale, reverse. Exhale, extended side angle.

    Revolved Chair (Variation) - Begin in chair pose. Lift your arms and your heart to the sky on your inhale, as you exhale, bring your hands to heart center and twist right (all on your exhale), on your inhale come come back into traditional chair pose, when you exhale hands to heart and twist left. Continue moving from center, to right, back to center, then to the left. Notice the softness (and the strength) of your low back and your core. After moving through these postures 4-5 times, come into tadasana.

    Down Dog/Plank/Child’s Pose Flow - Start in tabletop position and lift your hips to the sky into downward facing dog. Inhale forward to plank, exhale bring your knees to the floor and draw your hips to your heels for child's pose. Inhale back to all fours, then exhale into downward facing dog. Draw your belly button up towards your spine and maintain a strong center.

    Practice these sequences in the morning to incorporate a feeling of flow and ease into your body and your life. Flow on.

    Liz Skarvelis l Mukha YogaBy Liz Skarvelis; All Rights Reserved @2017