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  • What are Women’s Circles & Should I Join One?

    May 02, 2023 3 min read

    "When women come together with a collective intention, magic happens."- Phylicia Rashad.

    What are Women’s Circles and who are they for?

    Women’s circles are sacred spaces run by women for women. They are designed to offer a communal safe space to share, connect, to be open, honest and celebrate the power of sisterhood. These gatherings can involve various rituals and ceremonial elements including journaling, breathwork, yoga and sound healing.

    History of Women’s Circles

    Women’s-only gatherings have been taking place for centuries all around the world. In prehistoric times, women would gather and prepare food and share stories in an informal setting. Some of the oldest known women’s circles were held monthly on the new or full moon. Women would gather together to support each other during their menstrual cycles.

    In modern days, women’s circles have made a resurgence in popularity and are held monthly at many yoga studios, small communities and big cities around the world. There is typically one or two organizers / hosts who organize the space rental and facilitate any activities that may be part of the circle.

    What are Women's Circles? | Mukha Yoga

    What Happens at a Women's Circle?

    In the simplest form, a women’s circle is a gathering where women come together to share, speak, listen and be heard. Often the hosts will create an altar in the middle of the circle and use an object like a crystal to pass around to the speaker.

    Some circles may offer a more poignant approach and focus on healing specific emotional wounds or generational trauma and may even offer solutions-based discussions. Others may use practices like movement, meditation, chanting and spiritual rituals to facilitate connection and openness amongst members. If you’re considering joining a women’s circle, it’s important to do your research and connect with the organizers to ensure that the approach of the group aligns with your needs.

    What is the Purpose of a Women's Circle?

    Women's Circle | Mukha Yoga

    Traditional Women’s Circles serve a unique and powerful purpose by holding space without passing judgment or offering advice. In these gatherings, women have the opportunity to embrace their emotional nature without shame or fear of being misunderstood.


    Sitting in a regular womens-only gathering highlights the power of the sacred bond between women. It places us in an environment to view one another as community rather than competition. The essence of competing for a man or gossiping about each other’s faults is non-existent in a women’s circle. The purpose is to unite and offer support to help fulfill each other's emotional and societal needs.


    The safe container created in a women’s circle is an environment that encourages speaking freely to express feelings of vulnerability in a trusted space. In many other contexts (at work or with family) becoming vulnerable and emotional may feel tough or inappropriate. Women may even feel like they need to “stay strong” or “toughen up” to avoid being perceived as weak in certain settings. By encouraging vulnerability, women’s circles can fill a necessary gap in society.


    Depending on the structure of the women’s circle, some may involve a goal-setting process and a space to hold yourself accountable to taking aligned action. When held monthly, these circles create a container to check-in with each other and encourage the pursuit of goals and dreams.

    How to Find or Start a Women’s Circle

    If you’re looking for a women’s circle in your local area, start with a simple Google search to find yoga studios or private groups that may already be hosting regular gatherings. If you live in a smaller town and don’t see anything pop up, it might just be your cue to start your own!

    To gather interest, try looking on Facebook for related interest groups in your area. You can also look for a group specifically for residents of your neighborhood and let them know this is something you’re thinking about leading. In the process, you might even uncover a co-host or someone with a suitable studio / space to facilitate.

    Tips for Hosting a Women’s Circle:

    • Find a suitable space and create a comfortable environment

    • Meet regularly and be consistent

    • Have a loose agenda and timeframe

    • Encourage listening and reflecting back, rather than prescriptive advice

    Additional practices and rituals to bring to a Women’s Circle :

    Women's Circle Agenda | Mukha Yoga

    Victoria Maybee l Mukha Yoga
    By Victoria Maybee; All Rights Reserved @2023

    Victoria Maybee l Mukha YogaBy Victoria Maybee; All Rights Reserved @2023