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    While is a meditation practice it is best to be in a seated up right position, if that is uncomfortable then a chair or lying (shavasana) are ideal alternatives. In meditation we may sit for a few minutes of up to an hour so this requires a comfortable foundation so that we are not distracted during our meditation time. Meditation cushiions are a great way to maintain posture and stay comfortable. There are different shapes and styles to choose from to best suit your practice and body shape. There are round (Zafus) that offer support for the lower back and to stay comfortable. Halfmoon have a heart meditation cushion that allows you to flex your hips with ease. Depending on the brand the inner cushions can be made of buckwheat, cotton and organic kapok. Buckwheat is the most firm but allso moves to fit around you. Some of the brands available are Hugger Mugger, Halfmoon, B Yoga, Zafuko, Bennd and Yogamatters.