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    Gratitude Practices for the Month of Thanksgiving

    Happy month of Thanksgiving! Whether you're doing an annual run, eating a delicious meal, traveling, or spending time with family (or your chosen family) - Thanksgiving is a beautiful time for reflection and for taking stock. Thankfulness is not just a switch we can turn on and off - it is a practice, even a muscle, that we must train and return to again and again.

    Where does yoga come in? "Santosha, one of the Niyamas, is the practice of contentment. It’s acceptance of the natural ebb and flow of life by learning to be okay when things are not. I say “practice”, because it takes conscious effort to maintain a positive attitude in difficult times. We can choose to wallow in darkness and difficulty, or we can rise above our challenges and see them as opportunities for transformation."

    Reflection, meditation, breathwork and asanas are excellent practices to foster gratitude. Don't take our word for it, follow the links below:

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    Thanksgiving: A Lifestyle, Not Just a Holiday | with a
    guided meditation

    Thanksgiving is traditionally a season of reflection to honor all that we are thankful for. It is an invocation for us to come together in the name of love for family, community, and our divine spirit. Our gratitude can inspire us to be generous with our hearts, our forgiveness, and our respect for each other.