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    Yoga-Inspired Living During Virgo Season

    Yogic Practices for Virgo Season

    Represented by a goddess, the grounded Virgo sign is deeply thoughtful and hard-working, with an almost martyr-like love for helping others and for seeking knowledge. Virgos are typically detail-oriented people who have an exceptional ability for organizing but may have a tendency to lean towards perfectionism.

    This earth sign season can be a great time for grounding and re-organizing, but also a time to look at areas where we can let go of perfectionism.

    Virgo season can be a potent time to look at how we are taking in information from the outside world and how our mind and body absorb these influences. Virgo is ruled by the messenger Mercury, but unlike Gemini which focuses on expression, Virgo’s focus is on digesting the information.

    Virgo also rules our literal digestive system, so intuitive eating and caring for your vagus nerve can be of high importance during this time.


    Grounding Guided Meditation for Virgo Season

    Balance l Mukha Yoga
    Fusion l Mukha Yoga

    Shifting Your Inner Narrative

    What you tell yourself will manifest and become part of your life. Whether busy or calm, the state of your mind - and how you see yourself and the world around you - is all within your power.

    The following fusion of lessons derives from meditation techniques, psychologists, and Sanghas of the Vipassana and Tibetan lineages.